Best Online Social Games That You Can Play with Others

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Playing board games with your friends and family at home is really fun and sometimes they are more fun than video games. But what to do when you are alone at the house and your friends are miles away from you? Well, to kill the boredom there many online versions of your favorite card games that you can play online with your buddies.  For an amazing game, visit the website here.  Along with the digital board games, we have also mentioned some of the best social games that you can play directly from your smartphone or laptop. Play any of these games mentioned below and tell us which one did you like the most.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is one of the best board games of all time and it is available in digital versions for Android as well as iOS devices. you can not only play virtually against the computer but also fight with your friends and check who build the longest route.


Bingo has been enjoying success for more than 90 years. It is not only popular at home parties and retirement homes but players love to play it at casinos. You can play bingo online at online casino sites where you can enjoy various types of bingo games with your friends and computers as well. They have options of playing the game with real money or free so, it’s your decision how you want to play the game.


If you just want to take on a friend, how about a virtual round of chess? Checkmate your opponent. Of course, you can also gamble against the computer. You can find various apps and websites online where you can play chess. You can choose the game level before playing you are against the computer.  ou can choose the game level before playing you are against the computer. Or if you want to own your personal chess sets, check out Kaoori for more

RISK: Global Domination

The next game is also a classic board game in the online variant: RISK. Compete on your smartphone against your friends in the classic strategy game and put your skills to the test. You can download the game on your Android and iOS smartphones.


Checkers is always fun to play. This board game is also available at various digital platforms. You can play it on your computer and mobile phones easily. You can choose with whom you want to play: a computer or your friends as it has a multiplayer option.


Almost a classic among multiplayer online games: QuizDuel! This quiz app experienced a huge upswing a few years ago and it has been downloaded for over 100 million times on different platforms. Even today you can duel with your friends all over the world and have to answer knowledge questions from different categories. It would be really fun! You should also check the online version of the Olympic games for students.

Phase 10

It continues with a classic card game, which you can find on your mobile OS app stores easily. In this card game, you play against your friends to victory. In each phase, you have to perform a different task and collect certain card combinations. Doesn’t it sound fun?

Catan Universe

This is one of our favorite board games which is regarded as Settlers or The Settlers of Catan. This classic board game is also available in the online variation. Build on it and watch out for the robber. You can download the app for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones & tablets.

Clash of Clans

This game is already popular across the world with more than 500 million downloads from Play Store only. Lead your clan to victory and play against millions of players around the world. With Clash of Clans, you build your own village and then defend it against the attacks of other players. Of course, you can also attack yourself.

Angry Birds

Who doesn’t know the little round birds from Angry Birds? The multiplayer feature in the game is now available so you can now compete against your friends in a variant of the well-known game. You know where to find the game for your device, right?

18 Ball Pool

Usually, billiards are played in the pub, but with its digital version, you can bring the game straight to your living room. Play against your friends, against the PC, and prove what you can do. If you don’t know how to play the game then you can find the rules on various blogs on the internet.

Sea Battle 2

We end this wonderful list with one last classic. The digital version is also about bringing your opponent’s ships to sink and guessing where they are. Get started, improve your game strategy, and build your empire.