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AN online fun-filled version of the Olympic Games is being launched for primary school pupils during lockdown.

Renfrewshire Leisure’s Sports Services Team has organised a seven-week sports tournament that Primary One to Seven youngsters can enter through their schools.

Every Monday from May 11, schools will send their pupils the rules and a video description of that week’s RL Online Olympics sporting event they can practise before entering their best results to special website page.

An explanation of each week’s event will also be posted each Monday on Renfrewshire Leisure’s social media channels.

Pupils can practise the particular week’s sporting or fitness event before they log their result on a website page they’ll be given a link to. The deadline for any particular week’s event will be the following Sunday at 11.59pm.

Each pupil’s results will go towards their school’s total and weekly league tables will be published on Renfrewshire Leisure’s social media.

At the end of the seven weeks the school that is at the top of the league and outright winners of the first-ever RL Online Olympics will be announced and once lockdown is over, they will be presented with a trophy.

Renfrewshire Leisure’s chairperson, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “Our RL Online Olympics will be great fun for pupils to take part in and it’s a good way of keeping them active, fit and healthy during lockdown.

“We’ve got some amazing events for the pupils to compete in and we’re keeping the activities under wraps until the start of each week.

‘Families needn’t worry about needing sports equipment, they should have everything they need at home’.