10 tips for making your house more homely

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Your home is your palace and the place where you should feel comfortable and secure.

However, thinking of ways to keep your home looking and feeling tip top and terrific can be challenging.

So here are 10 tips for making your house more homely.

1. Use soft furnishings

Soft furnishing such as throws and cushions make excellent additions to most rooms in your home and can seriously enhance the look and feel of key furniture pieces such as your sofa.

2. Hang some mirrors

No home is complete without a mirror hanging on the wall.They make a great focal point for any room, brighten up dark spaces and can make small space seem larger.  So whether you’re looking for something decorative or minimalist, they’re a great investment.

3. Get a living room rug

A rug is a must-have item for a non-carpeted living room because it adds texture and softness. Rugs also make a great centre piece for a room and make the floor a more welcoming

Place – check out a rug store such as Benuta to find your perfect product.

4. Get dimmer switches

Dimmer switches allow you to use lighting to maximum effect by playing around with lighting levels, so that each room in your house can benefit from its own distinctive atmosphere.

5. Use lamps

Lamps help create a cosy atmosphere within the home because they offer lower lighting than ceiling lights and can produce beautiful lighting patterns on your walls (depending on the shade you choose). If your looking to make a bold statement floor lamps are a great option – they stand out, fill bare spaces and can complement your furniture and chosen colour scheme.

6. Decorate with wall art

Putting up photos of family and friends, sayings you love or an artwork that has caught your eye immediately adds personality to a room, prevents your walls from looking bare and the rooms in your home appearing empty.

7. Use storage furniture

If you’re struggling to find space for your household clutter, multifunctional furniture pieces such as a storage footstool are a brilliant investment because they serve as practical furniture items whilst keeping messy bits and bobs nicely out of sight.

8. Be fragrant

A homely household doesn’t just look and feel great, it should smell nice too. So stock up on some diffusers, candles, fragrance plugs (whatever your preference) and let thosebeautiful scents flow through your home.

9. Get a door mat

A doormat helps make your house a warm and inviting space from the moment you step foot inside. It’s one of the first items that your guests will see, so it needs to look the part – for high-quality options head to an online mat store such as Kleen-Tex.

10.  Re-arrange your furniture

Re-arranging your furniture is a fun and cost-effective way to breathe new life into your home.

Follow these tips and your house will be transformed into a super homely, cosy and comfortable space that you just can’t get enough of.