What Is There to Do in Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve?



For those of you in the UK who wanted to do something different for New Year’s Eve and not planning to go abroad, you have to go to Edinburgh this year with the help from Evengo, there are tons to do in Edinburgh this year’s end of the year if you have never gone there before.  Thus, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve celebration is known as one of the biggest ends of the year celebrations in the whole world. 

Many say, you should experience Edinburgh’s Hogmanay once in your lifetime, especially when you live in the UK.  There will be 3 days of the biggest celebrations in a row. Including the “Torchlight Procession”, street parties, live concerts and many more.  Thus, at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is celebrated with longer holidays, where New Year’s holiday is extended until the 2nd of January each year. 

One particular entertainment in Scotland, the “Underbelly Event”, is featured famously end of year events that you can go to with your friends and family during this year’s Edinburgh’s Hogmanay of 2019.  Read through on some of the most popular things to do with the lists of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2019 by “Underbelly Event”. Have the experience of a lifetime New Year’s Eve celebration, the Scottish way. 


Hogmanay in the Gardens with Mark Ronson

On the night of December 31st, enjoy the beautiful music from the Grammy and Oscar winner, Mark Ronson starts at 8:30 pm and ends at 1:00 am the next day.  Located on the streets of West Princess Street Gardens, this Hogmanay celebration is also featuring Rudimental DJ and Mungo’s Hi Fi as special guests.  


Edinburgh’s Street Party with Johnnie Walker

One of Edinburgh’s famous Hogmanay celebrations is the Street Party.  Hosted by Johnnie Walker, this year’s Edinburgh’s Street Party is followed by various talented musicians and groups.  Starts at 7:30 pm, the street party is always packed with people watching street performers, DJs and live bands from musicians around the world.  


The Famous Torchlight Procession

Another famous thing to do at Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is their torchlight procession.  This procession will go around the old town of Edinburgh going through the river, accompanied by talented pipers and drummers.  There will be 3 meeting points to choose from that will end at the historical Holyrood Park. 


A Ceilidh Under the Edinburgh Castle Street Party

While waiting for the midnight alarm sets off amazing fireworks into the sky, enjoy the music of some Ceilidh bands right under Edinburgh Castle.  This Scottish way of New Year’s celebration will definitely awe your eyes as the lights centers upon the people going up and down following the beats of smashing songs.  Street vendors are available for you to eat and drink just enough to get you through the night of ceilidh dancing. 


Bairns Afore Family Hogmanay Festivities

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay also presents you a memorable celebration with your family and the kids.  This festivity starts at 5:00 pm on the evening of December 31st. Located in the old town of Bairns Afore, witness the UK’s children legendary comic duo, Dick and Dom just hours before the big fireworks celebration starts. 


Live Orchestra with Symphonic Ibiza

Well known for their unique twist on live orchestra, you’ve probably familiar with Europe’s famous Symphonic Ibiza.  At the indoor view of McEwan Hall down by Edinburgh University, feel the beat and follow along with the upbeat tempo of this live orchestra directed by DJ Andy Joyce and musical experts Steve Etherington.  Make sure you are ready to party like being in a nightclub. 


Big Band in Concert with Ronnie Scott

London’s famous jazz band, the Big Band is live in concert lead by Ronnie Scott.  Also located at McEwan Hall, the concert starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 10 pm, just in time for a bit of the Street Party hosted by the famous Johnnie Walker. 


First Footers Tradition for Family Ceilidh

Bring your kids down to this family Ceilidh event for Scottish very own tradition of first footing.  This celebration takes place at McEwan Hall on the first date of 2020 at 12:30 pm. It is a family friendly celebration that involves the waltz, jig, reel and two-step dancing, very suitable for your boys and girls.   


The After Party of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

As soon as the clock starts ticking an hour after the end of 2019, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay presents to you the after party.  If you and your friends are up for the whole night, you can go to this after party at McEwan Hall. Fresh and epic songs will be played by top DJs who participated in this year’s Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. 


Go Wild on 2020’s Loony Dook

The locals of Edinburgh really know how to celebrate the new year in a funny but fun way.  A tradition of Loony Dook continues in 2020 for dippers in silly costumes or fancy dresses as they take over the South Queensferry beach.  If you are not used to this, be prepared for the freezing cold water. 


A Candlelit Concert at the Cathedral

At St. Giles Cathedral will be held a candlelit concert on New Year’s Eve.  Every year, different themes will be performed by the choir of talented soloists and professional directors.  Welcoming guests for a special celebration of Christmas and New Year all together. 


Edinburgh Night Walk Event

One unique way to celebrate New Year’s only in Edinburgh is the night walk event.  Join the “night walk for Edinburgh” at the Fruit market Gallery for a unique experience.  It’s all about the illusion created through video editing and a three-dimensional sound system that will give you the chills, something to laugh at, and many more.  The gallery opens until 1st of January. 


So, as you can see there are tons of things to do for the New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh.  If you live near this old town or perhaps a bit further, visiting Edinburgh for a three-day Hogmanay celebration, the Scottish way, will be worth visiting.  Make sure you plan out ahead of time which events and celebrations you will be going to with your friends and family.