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5 tips to help you stop overeating


When you are over-restrictive with your diet it can cause you to eat excessively and doing this often can lead to a bad habit, weight gain, and be detrimental to health. –


Here are five tips to help you stop overeating.


1  If you are always hungry your body is trying to tell you something . Increase your calories to get rid of food cravings and raise your metabolism.

2 There is no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite foods in moderation . By allowing yourself to eat the foods you enjoy can stop you from overeating. One piece of chocolate a day is better than several large bars a few times a week.

3 Having a cheat day can lead to a bad relationship with food . Get rid of binge days and allow yourself to have a few treats throughout the week so that you will feel satisfied.

4 Being too strict with your diet can be unsustainable, and sacrifices will have to be made, eating with family and friends etc. This can have a negative effect on the relationship you have with food. Instead, try to follow a balanced diet that includes health foods and foods that you enjoy Unless you have a short term goal that you are pushing for.

5 Never go shopping hungry!

6 You can look into many well prepared calculated diets at GetLeanerToday

Going shopping hungry can lead to you buying instant easy made foods and junk foods because you need to eat something fast. You could end up with a cupboard full of biscuits 😆


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