Planning a Paisley wedding

Paisley food Festival

For those looking for a partner in Paisley, Scotland online dating is a great way to meet some prospective partners. Most of the millennial generation are looking for a non-committed relationship and for them, online dating is the perfect option. With leading British online dating sites like, finding someone to hook up with for a quick fling is a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, online dating also offers the prospects of having a long term relationship and even marriage on the cards for those that plan to settle down as a couple. When it comes to wedding destinations in Scotland, Paisley is among the best spots to get hitched.

Those looking for a classic Scottish wedding ceremony will find Paisley the perfect destination for a grand wedding reception. The largest town in Scotland is located in the county of Renfrewshire and is to the west of Glasgow. With friendly people, great food and stunning backdrops, there are a wide variety of venues ranging from contemporary to rustic themed places to choose from. Some of the top venues to tie the knot in Paisley include:

A traditional church event: One of the most popular venues for a church wedding ceremony is Paisley Abbey. It was established by the High Stewart of Scotland, Walter Fitzalan on his family estate in Renfrewshire. It was the official residence of the Royal House of Stewart and practically completely destroyed in a fire in 1307. Later in the 1400s, the abbey underwent extensive restoration. Couples looking for a historical venue in Paisley to get married will find Paisley Abbey, the ideal location. With its rich cultural and historical heritage and stunning backdrop make it the ideal venue to exchange your vows in a traditional church wedding.

Paisley Town Hall: For a more formal setting located in close proximity to Paisley Abbey, is the Town Hall. A masterpiece of Edwardian architecture it was a gift from a wealthy patron to Paisley. The town hall serves as a multipurpose venue and is used to host live gigs, business meets, classical music concerts and of course weddings. The grand interiors are at par with any luxury hotel, with the main hall playing host to the wedding ceremony both small and large affairs. Its spacious balcony is used to host buffet-style dining events and the reception area doubles up as a pop-up bar. Couples planning to host their weddings at the Town Hall have the facility of decorating the venue to their liking. The staff is amiable and helpful and with excellent facilities, it is one of the best venues to have a non-religious wedding ceremony in Paisley.

Outdoor Wedding: While Paisley has more than its fair share of rainfall the climate is remarkably warm and pleasant. Those looking for an outdoor wedding in the town will find the month of April conducive for their event, with little chance of the rain playing spoilsport.  The town has some magnificent gardens with the most picturesque backdrops to have a grand outdoor wedding. One of the most sought after venues for an outdoor wedding is the Fountain Gardens.  It is easily among the most visually striking locations to host an outdoor ceremony. Couples can host a small intimate affair or choose to opt for a lavish affair subject to their budget.

Finally, whatever the type of wedding you plan to have you first need to decide whether you would want to have it indoors or outdoors. Paisley is also a great location to have a traditional Scottish wedding ceremony with the men donning customary kilts and adopting the Scottish customs of feet washing, the long reel and the wedding scramble etc.