Renfrewshire Raptors

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, spent Sunday afternoon meeting Renfrewshire Raptors for a fun afternoon of American Football.

Renfrewshire Raptors is a local American Football club open to everyone with an interest in the sport regardless of any level of experience. The club has been growing lately as more people have been signing up to get active doing something a little bit different.

Renfrewshire Raptors

Gavin Newlands is the SNP Westminster Spokesperson on Sport, commenting on his afternoon he said:

“I happen to be quite the fan of American Football which was why it was great to actually meet constituents who also enjoy the sport, and get to play a bit of it myself. I tend to take an interest in most sports, I even captained Paisley Rugby Club for a while before I became an MP.

“Renfrewshire Raptors are a great example of an active sporting community in our constituency, if you are interested in the sport I strongly encourage you to go along and get involved, who knows, you might surprise yourself!”