paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates’ head coach Ian Turley reflected on another successful weekend before looking forward to the prospect of perhaps their toughest home match of the season on Sunday, when they take on the in-form Dundee Comets (face off 6.00pm).

paisley pirates

“We put together another hard working display against the Thunder, and we got the rewards which the hard work has produced so far this year,” he commented. “Sure, most folk were expecting us to win comfortably, and we did, but Adam and I like to think that with that expectation is one which says that the Paisley Pirates are and will continue to be a hard working side, and we both believe that when you work hard you will get the benefit of that effort in the form of good results.”


“Once again, the goals are coming from all areas of the team, and not just one or two players, so that makes us a difficult proposition for most teams as marking one or two identified “danger men” is not going to work, as we’ve got plenty of other guys able to chip in for the team effort.”


He went on, “I know that we’ve had a lot of big home wins this year, and that can be less than invigorating if you’re a home supporter wanting to see your team win, but not necessarily by the kind of scores we’ve been chalking up so far. Well, I think I can promise fans that our next game, against Dundee Comets this Sunday, will be the veritable Christmas Cracker. Our encounters against them have always been amongst the most entertaining fixtures of the season, and I would certainly be saying to supporters that if they pick and choose their home games, this is one that they don’t dare miss! The Comets are one of the form teams this season, like they usually are, and they’ll be fancying turning us over in our home rink.”


“I’ll simply remind everyone that the Comets stopped us from picking up the treble last year, as while we won the SNL, they beat us in the final of both the Scottish Cup and the playoffs, when they were coached by no less than Adam Walker.”


“We’re advising supporters to give themselves more time than usual to get to the Arena, as apart from the fact we’re expecting a big crowd, it’s also the penultimate Sunday before Christmas, so parking may be a little more of an adventure than usual.”