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Improve Your Editing Skills with These Tips

Editing is the only tool that can infuse your writing with perfection. That is why  wants to share out some little secrets that will help you polish your editing skills. Remain with this post to learn more.

Detect and Eliminate Your Weaknesses

The primary reason for editing every work is to remove the imperfections you infused into it during the writing process. Therefore, know that most of the errors you will edit in the paper reflect your personal writing weaknesses. With this in mind, it is necessary to take time and find out the most notorious mistakes you make in every writing assignment you work on. For instance, you could be having challenges with punctuations where you spend most of your time dealing with runon sentences and comma splices. If that is your weak point, it is prudent to take your time and work on them so that you can save your editing time dealing with other shortcomings. Additionally, it will be easy to look for those mistakes whenever you edit your work until you outgrow them.

Do It in Stages

Good editing requires a systematic approach. You should do it in stages to avoid forcing everything into one stage. To succeed, you can divide it into three stages. In the first phase, you should focus on editing your work to give it cohesion and ensure its content is accurate. You should look for any gaps in the information you are presenting to the reader and fix them. Also, this stage will require you to check if the ideas or content you used to compose the assignment flow logically.

During your second stage, you should edit your work to ensure its structure is impeccable. You have to examine the flow of your paragraphs and sentences to ensure they flow well. This level should also enable you to look at how easy it is to navigate the paper.

Lastly, you have to edit your copies for grammar and spelling. Here, it is necessary to look for repetition and misused words that may be grammatically correct but can change the meaning of what you intended the reader to understand. For instance, if you used complement to mean compliment, the reader will get a very different meaning.

Don’t Use Guesswork

To perfect your editing skills, you should look up everything you are unsure of. For instance, if you doubt the meaning of a word or the exactness of a fact you have included in your paper, go back and confirm it.

Challenge and Ignore Some Rules

Mature editing requires you to ignore some rules and suggestions your spellchecker may raise. You should be very careful because some of those suggestions are misleading. The worst tool that has these spelling and structural errors is Microsoft Word 2007. Also, don’t believe everything that Grammarly and its equivalents suggest to you.

Editing brings out the cream of your writing process because this is the only stage that produces perfection. When approaching it, you should ignore some of the suggestions and rules spelling checkers raise, do it in stages, and learn how to deal with your personal weaknesses. This way, you will take your editing skills to the next level.