A Spooky Selection of Tasty Halloween Recipes

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween this week by selecting our favourite spooky Halloween recipes. Halloween is always so much fun, whether you’re getting dressed up, going Trick or Treating, or watching some scary movies with a selection of spooky snacks! With a whole range of different recipes, from savoury to sweet, there’s something so suit everyone.

Creepy Cupcakes

You cannot go wrong with some spooky cupcakes for a good treat, and with a basic Victoria sponge cake, you can transform the little bun with some funky icing designs. There are so many different Halloween inspired characters, from ghosts and ghouls, to Frankenstein, skeletons and so on. To start with, you want to get some coloured icing, or food dye, to create the scary base. This will add the tasty touch to your cupcake, which you can then improve with some sweetie details. Using marshmallows, strawberry laces, fizzy sweets, chocolate buttons and more, you can create spooky faces, creepy spiders, skeleton faces and other Halloween inspired faces or words with the sweets. See more.

Biscuits that go BOO!

Give your classic shortbread biscuit a Halloween twist by making them into creepy skeletons. Using a person shaped biscuit cutter, you can cut lots of pieces of shortbread to give you a selection of skeletons. Once the shortbread is cooked and ready, add some black icing to the whole piece and then leave it to dry. Once the black icing is dry, you can use a white icing pen to draw on your skeleton outline, giving them spooky faces and a little more character! Be sure to keep things tidy however, as you don’t want black icing to mark your cream gloss kitchen. Once your skeletons are dry and ready to go, position them on a plate or tray to offer to your Trick or Treaters!

Scary Sausage Mummy Dippers

For more of a savoury touch, these sausage mummy dippers are perfect. Start by prepping your chipolata sausages, then you can move onto the croissant dough. Using thin strips of croissant dough, wrap your sausages up like mummies and pop them into the oven.  Once your mummy dippers have cooked, you can add some scary facial features using touches of tomato sauce, brown sauce or even by simply slitting the top part of the dipper. These make the perfect snacks to enjoy whilst watching a scary film, or even when throwing your own Halloween party!

There are some really fun ways to add a touch of Halloween to your cooking, and it’s a great way to get the little ones involved too! Happy Halloween!