5 Most Interesting and Exciting Casino Games

Casino games have evolved a lot since their beginning to serve their players’ needs. With time, more of these playoffs have added to ensure that players are satisfied with not only a variety of them to choose from, but also with rewards offered therein.

Due to their huge popularity, casino games have evolved from table, to machine, and even most recently, online and through mobile devices, as they are thrilling and fun to play.

Land-based casinos, unlike their online counterparts such as slotozilla.com, do not have options to play for free. Therefore, to play casino games, players are required to buy chips with real cash and gamble those chips away in a select variety for possible winning payouts. Most people try out an online casino to win as much money as they can, in order to select the best one you should be aware of top 10 bookies in india


Many of these playoffs are based on luck and chance. Some casino games may require skills and expertise to play while others are simple even for beginners to play. Casino games are categorized into three parts, namely: electronic, table and random number playoffs. There are a couple of casino games out there, but these games seem to have stood the test of time and remained popular over time. Here are 5 of casinos best and most exciting games.



A trendy and classic game, poker involves playing with cards and betting one’s cards that are in hand. The winner is determined by a combination of cards that they have, with each card having its value.  A match of poker can at times vary depending on how many cards are involved, how many are hidden, shared community cards and a casino’s betting procedures. Throughout each match of poker, a number of rules need to be followed to ensure success in this game.

There are different versions of poker, such as the a 5-card draw, the 5-card stud, Razz, Pineapple amongst others.


Craps, as described on Wikipedia, involves rolling dice. With each roll, a player gets to bet on a number where the dice will stop. There are many places that a player bet on:

  • Pass line: when player bets on this line and lands on either 7 or 11, it becomes a sure win while a land of 2, 3 or 12 becomes a loss. All the other numbers which are rolled ensure an established point. If a losing number gets rolled again before a seven, then one wins the bet.
  • Don’t pass line: this happens to be the opposite of the pass line where 2 or 3 wins while 7 and 11 lose. Landing on 2 and 12 leads to a double payment.
  • Come line: this becomes playable after establishing a point. It has rules that are similar to the pass line.
  • Don’t come line: it plays similar to the “don’t pass line” after a point has been recognized.

Other bets are included such as big 6/8, a 7, and craps.


Also known as 21, Blackjack is a card game that involves play between a house (casino) and a player. Here, a casino dealer handles two cards, a card for himself and one for a player. He has one card that faces up and another facing down, as a player will try as much as possible to get to number 21, without going over. There are usually 10 face cards.


To get a card, a player calls hit, and can also call a double to double the bet; but only receive a card before the game ends.  In blackjack, a player has the upper hand to call a stand and end his/her turn or to a hit and draw another card.

When a player’s turns are over, the dealer reveals the card he has. The dealer will then hit if the total of the cards is less than 16 or 17 and higher. Anyone with a hand that beats the dealer’s hand without going above 21 wins.


These are popular machine playoffs that can be found in most casinos and include a variety of games. Slots are chance games that involve the process of inserting coins in a slot machine and pulling a hand lever or pressing a button to spin its wheels. According to Quora, old slot machines had a total of 3 wheels, but newer versions have a simulated 3 to 5 wheels on each slot machine.

A player’s winnings will depend on a pattern of numbers or symbols displayed on a screen.


In Roulette, the player places his chips on the table where they wish to wager. A Roulette table consists of numbers from 0 to 36. Additional bets can occur on even-odd, low-middle or high, red-black or low of 18 high of 18 columns.

Cross bets can be placed in additional betting areas, and players can place bets on numbers ranging from 2 to 5.

A dealer will then spin a wheel clockwise and roll a ball in the opposite direction, letting the ball land on a number on the slot.  When a bit corresponds to the number on the slot, a player will win.

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