Brian McGuire

A brief statement from Brian the owner of 

As some people will be aware I, Brian McGuire, am standing in Ward 7 Paisley South West to be a councillor for the upcoming council elections tomorrow.

I just want to make a brief statement on what that means for the website which I have owned and run for the last 22 years.

If elected or even if I’m not elected nothing will change as far as the website and the corresponding social media outlets are concerned, they will not be biased in any way. The website has never been used by me or anyone else to promote politics and that will remain the case.

The website is politically neutral and will remain so after the elections, our team that manage the website come from all sides of the political spectrum and some don’t engage in politics at all.

We want to continue to promote the town of Paisley in a positive manner whilst changing and challenging the negative opinions that people have of our wonderful town and its areas.

We will always be Paisley centric and care about what happens to our town, over the years we have always promoted what the council is doing as long as it’s been positive, that will not change.

Thanks for being a supporter and follower of the Paisley website. Let’s keep a Positive Paisley at the forefront of what we do.

Best Regards

Brian McGuire

Photograph courtesy of PixelPics Photography.