Three Ways For Families To Enjoy Casino Games

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Despite casinos having a minimum entry age of 18, and gambling being illegal below that age, we play a number of casino games with our children at young ages. Even though people don’t normally place wagers on the games if playing with children, it is common to play games like blackjack and gin rummy. This can be a good thing, because even if you educate your children about gambling and placing wagers, it is good opportunity to educate them about the importance of gambling in moderation. It is a growing trend to play casinos online due to the convenience of them being available all the time. Many online casinos offer a free play option on many of their games, which means that you and your children can play these games for fun and without losing any money.


Like the lottery, bingo is one of the oldest betting games, it is also a lot of fun and very engaging. Bingo sets are widely available commercially and can be a lot of fun to play as a family, getting to turn the handle of the round cage as the balls tumble around inside and then fall out the hole. You can take it turns to be the bingo caller with all the fun calls for each number, or you could even make up your own. All the excitement of the game, plus shouting out bingo has loud as can, should wear them out before bed time and provide a peaceful night’s sleep.


The fast paced family card game can become very intense and competitive within a short space of time. Furthermore, it is easy to play, even at a very young age, as the numbers and colours are good for the development of a child’s sensory skills. It becomes more fun the more players you have, especially when it gets to a point when the gloves are off and everybody’s out to sabotage each other with the ‘pick up’ and ‘miss a turn cards’. You can also turn up the heat by adding extra decks, heightening the unpredictability of the next cards. You could also consider using sweets as betting chips for extra motivation.


The easiest of all casino games, and good for children as it can help to improve their mental arithmetic seeing as all they have to do is count up to 21 with their cards. You could even consider playing this in teams, so each child teams up with an adult to help. Play without any time limits so they have time to count, encourage them to count out loud and even use their fingers if that helps. With each passing hand, you’ll be surprised just how quickly they get better at the game.