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What To Learn On Your Journey To Scotland

Paisley food Festival

What To Learn On Your Journey To Scotland

Scotland is a land of mountain wilderness such as the Cairngorms and Northwest Highlands, interspersed with glacial glens, and locks. Its major cities are Edinburgh; the capital which is has the iconic hilltop castle. There is also Glasgow, which is famous for its vibrant cultural scene. Scotland is also famous for golf, the game first played at the Old course at St Andrews in the 1400s. Scotland has so many great things for visitors to see and do, so if you are planning a trip to Scotland this year here is what you can learn.

Car Games For The Journey

Many people choose to travel to Scotland via car, which means you may have an incredibly long journey ahead of you. But there is no need to waste your time you can spend the time by doing something useful including learning something new like a game strategy or tips on how to play a certain game like blackjack, or keno. If you have a hobby like reading or writing, this long car journey could be the perfect opportunity to read a book, or maybe even write one. If you are a history buff you could read about Scotland’s heritage before you check out all the historical sites they have to offer.

Sites To See

There are so many great things to see in Scotland, and the best part is you can learn a vast amount from them too, from the historic Glencoe which has mountains, waterfalls and whitewashed cottages. To the Loch Ness; which stretches for 23 miles and is surrounded picturesque villages; if you are really lucky you may even spot the mythical creature Nessie. Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions within the country and is home to some truly impressive exhibits including the Crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny. Also not to forget he third largest and one of the finest stone circles in the UK, The Ring of Brodgar, it dates back to around 2500-2000 BC.

Foods To Try

Scotland boasts some of the finest natural produce that is respected worldwide, so not can you learn about fresh food but you can try new things too. Haggis is a traditional Scottish, which consists of sheep’s liver, heart and lung minced with suet although it doesn’t sound pleasant is really is meant to be delicious. Another thing to try in Scotland is stovies; which are potatoes, beef, and onions confined to one pan they are traditionally served with oatcakes. If you have a sweet tooth then you must try cranachan, which includes honey, soaked oats and raspberries.