Moving house is thought to be one of the most stressful things anyone can do. Not only do you have to worry about contracts, mortgages, chains, estate agents, maintenance and other important issues which are likely to give you a headache, but you also have to pack everything up and relocate from A to B. It’s not an easy task, but here are five ways to make the process a lot more hassle free.

  1. Hire a storage unit

If you’re downsizing, you might be wondering how all of your belongings will fit in your new home. Of course, this is a genuine concern, but if you are running out of time to sell your items or simply don’t want to let any treasured goods go, why not hire a storage unit from the likes of Ready Steady Store? Not only will this give you longer to sort things out at your own time, it’ll give you additional space should you decide you’re not ready to sell anything just yet.

  1. Book a babysitter

Moving can be difficult, especially if you’ve got little ones running around, so if you need time to gather your belongings it might be wise to hire a babysitter for an afternoon or two. You might also want to book the same child minders for moving day itself, so you pack up the last bits and help lug boxes without worrying about your youngsters. There are many other ways to make moving with kids a bit easier, but getting them out the way for a while could certainly reduce your heartrate.

  1. Find the right removal company

Many removal companies will do a lot of the hard work for you such as driving to your new destination with you in the passenger’s seat and moving your belongings to and from the removal van – but it’s essential to find the right people to help. To ensure you’re not landed with a lazy driver who turns up late and expects you to do all the hard word (while still charging the earth) be sure to do your research and find someone reputable.

  1. Ask for help

As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work’, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel the move is getting a little too much to handle. Friends and relatives might be happy to pack a few boxes here and there or they might lend you their car for the morning to help transport things from A to B saving you from hiring a removal company. Those with a little manpower can also help lift heavy items, so try to recruit people in advance to give them plenty of warning.

  1. Label and colour code boxes

Packing is one thing but don’t forget you’ll have to unload it all at the other side. With this in mind, make sure you label and colour code boxes so you know exactly where everything is when you need it. You’ll find many other moving packing tips online, but you should also make sure you have enough boxes for all your stuff as well as newspaper, bubble wrap and other protective equipment that’ll prevent things from getting broken or damaged.

Moving is a notoriously stressful time, but there are things you can do to make the whole process a lot easier.


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