The Scottish Premiership is at the top tier of football leagues in Scotland. It was founded in 2013 replacing the old established leaders after their merger. This UEFA member is composed of 12 teams who battle it out for the Scottish League Cup every season. It has quickly gained traction among fans thanks to the support of television partners BBC Scotland, BT Sport, and Sky Sports.

Lots of people like to come to the stadiums as well to show support for their favourite teams. Many have even managed to make money off of their passion for football through online betting. There are certainly plenty of Scottish Championship betting opportunities at William Hill. It is up to each individual to make the most out of each of them. Most people get better as they get more experience watching games and following the championship like a business.

Teams and Players to Watch

Individuals who are interesting in betting must study what they are getting into for best results. There is serious money to be made if you are able to navigate your way around this hobby like a pro. On the flipside, the risk of losing is high if you go into it blind. Start by getting familiar with all of the shakers and movers in the league. Learn more about the teams that are currently competing. Find out about their history, ranking, and future prospects so that you can gauge how well they are likely to do when pitted against each other. For instance, Celtic is the most dominant team having won the championship two years in a row.

William Hill Football Betting

The betting industry in the UK is absolutely massive with billions of pounds in revenue each year. Among the top bookmakers is William Hill which is a publicly traded company. It was established as early 1934, evolving with the times to reflect the changing tastes of the British population. Much of its profits now come from online bets for various sports including football. Scottish Premiership fans can use the platform to explore their betting options. There is a wide assortment being offered to fans covering nearly every aspect of the game. Feel free to choose the ones that provide the best opportunities.

Match Market

Look at the odds for each team and decide whether it’s worth putting your money on the line. It’s always more fun cheering people on when you have something tangible at stake. Of course, things can go well beyond predicting the winner. Bettors can also try to predict the halftime score, for instance. You can guess whether both teams will be able to score not. This should be interesting to play if the teams are known to be highly defensive or if they have prolific scorers on each side. There could also be predictions for under/over goals and many more.

5 Minute Bets

You don’t have to wait for the entire match to end to see if your prediction came true. There are plenty of bets that can be made with immediate results. These so-called 5-minute options make matches incredibly exciting as you are forced to stay glued to every movement on the field. This is all about trusting the team which currently has the momentum and seeing what they can do while they are in possession. People can bet whether there will be a goal, a card, or a penalty within the strict timeframe. It takes a great degree of familiarity not only with the teams but the temperament of officials to be successful in this category.

Scorer and Corners

Other betting opportunities have to do with the scorer and the corners. These are live odds so you have to check the site continuously throughout the match to be aware of the changes. Bettors, for example, guess how many players will be able to score a goal. They could also lay a wager on the occurrence of a hatrick which is 3 goals scored by a single player. The total number of corners and players to get more than 2 goals to their name may also be in play. Winning margins, clean sheets, and more game stats could be chosen as well. Odds can change rapidly depending on the pace of the match.


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