Change back to a summer tyre

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With the Scottish weather being balmy of recent days a lot of people will still be driving about in Winter Tyres, this is not only bad for your car and the road conditions you will also find its not fuel efficient for your vehicle and money can be saved by switching to Summer Tyres as soon as possible.

You will be saying to yourself, wait hold on it’s Scotland and the weather will surely change to rain, wind and sleet soon… Well the optimist in me says that be positive, this might be the summer we have been waiting for…

So what is a summer tyre?

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are ideal for high performance vehicles, and are built for speed and agility. They offer increased responsiveness, cornering, and braking capabilities. This is typically attributed to specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds that allow for improved precision on the road.

The tread patterns of summer tires have less grooving and put more rubber in contact with the road. They are design­ed to provide maximum road-holding grip. The tread compounds of summer tyres are designed to remain more flexible, allowing for better traction and grip. Summer tyres may have shallower tread depths that allow for more stability when pushed closer to their limits.