Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for your facial structure can be challenging, but this is a really important step in completing your look. After all, sunglasses, whether they’re designer sunglasses or a knock-off brand, not only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays, but they’re also one of the most important fashion accessories.


From celebrities to individuals who always want to look their best, whether they’re running errands or heading off to a party, people everywhere know the value of a great pair of sunglasses. So for tips on how to find your ideal pair, continue reading.

Look for Contrast

In order to find the right pair of sunglasses for the shape of your face, you should opt for a frame with a shape that is actually the opposite of your face’s features. Contrast is the keyword here. So, for example, if your face has round features, go for sunglasses that are angular in appearance. On the other hand, curvier sunglasses would be better to soften an angular face. The key is to balance your features. For some examples of the many lovely styles available, check out

Choosing the Right Colour

Sunglasses come in a variety of colours, but you can’t just choose a colour that you like and always expect it to look good against your face. Consider your skin tone, as well as the colour of your hair, when deciding upon the frames that will work best on your face.

Cooler skin tones that have blue or pink undertones go best with frames that are plum, blue, magenta, rosy brown, dark tortoise, and black. Warmer skin tones tend to have yellow undertones, so it’s best to stick with frames that are khaki, copper, gold, camel, peach, copper, bright red, or off-white.

In terms of hair colour, light brown and blonde hair are both considered cooler tones, while golden blonde, black, and red shades are considered warm.

Draw Attention to a Specific Feature

If you don’t want to balance out your features, but would rather draw more attention to a specific feature on your face, you have to follow different rules when it comes to choosing the shape of your sunglasses. So, for example, if you were searching for a pair of sunglasses that will accentuate your angular face, go with angular sunglasses. On the other hand, if you have a petite face, wear a pair of frames that are quite large. Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, as well as Mary Kate Olsen, are good examples of women who went with frames that were opposite their facial structure.

Never Sacrifice Comfort

No matter what type of sunglasses you purchase, whether they’re designer frames or not, you should always make sure that they’re comfortable. After all, the last thing that you want is to be wearing a pair of sunglasses for extended periods of time that look great but feel horrible and leave marks on your nose. So be sure to head to the store to try on some frames before purchasing.


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