Paisley Man Develops Largest Xbox community website.

The recent huge relaunch of UK Xbox community,, has led to a forthcoming sponsorship of the inaugural Game Expo Scotland taking place at the start of October in Edinburgh. The first of its kind in Scotland, this Expo has the potential to become a regular part of the gaming calendar and also push this community site further into the spotlight from its humble beginnings five years ago.

Founded in 2009 by former Paisley Mysteries man Gavin Divers, XBL Gamerhub has developed itself into being the largest independent Xbox community website in the UK. It currently has over 16,000 dedicated community members, nearly 7,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 5,000 likes on Facebook. XBL Gamerhub is a community website designed to allow Xbox 360 gamers meet and organise their own multiplayer gaming experiences with friends via the unique XBLG Gaming Events System.

It is also a place where the community can debate, discuss, comment and post on games, news, press releases etc. It is a place where the community has the opportunity to express themselves using the Community Blogs. “We decided to bring this site to UK gamers to allow them to find people and make friends with gamers they wished to play with; instead of being matched with random people” – Gavin Divers, Founder and CEO”