I Am Me – Raising Awareness of Disability Hate Crime and Harassment

Do you work in or have a business in Renfrewshire?

Did you know that many disabled people do not participate in community life due to fear of harassment and abuse?

In Renfrewshire, there are 36,000 people registered as disabled or having a long term illness. • 90% of those with learning difficulties in the UK say they have been bullied or harassed in the year previous.

• 47% of those with learning difficulties have been frightened or attacked due to their disability.
• Of that 47%, 35% were assaulted, 18% were robbed, and 15% spat on.
• 47% of people with learning difficulties do not feel safe in their own homes, or if they leave home and venture into the local area, or decide to use public transport.
• In the UK 90% of people with learning disabilities said they had been bullied or harassed in the preceding year. (mencap)
• 97% of disability hate crime and 99% of mate crime currently going unreported. (Mencap)


The I Am Me (Renfrewshire) community project and Police Scotland have developed a Keep Safe scheme to help make communities a safer place for vulnerable and disabled people to participate in every day community living.

What is Keep Safe?
Keep Safe is a Police led initiative that works with local vulnerable and disabled people and local businesses.

How does it work?
Disabled people are offered a Keep Safe card which holds information about their disability, communication needs, medical requirements and contact details for a carer, family member or friend.
Participating businesses are provided with a window sticker and a Keep Safe pack. If a disabled or vulnerable person requires assistance, they will enter the Keep Safe premises. Staff will assist the person, which may be something as simple as offering directions. If there is an incident of harassment or abuse, the staff member can use the contact card or contact the police if the incident is serious.

How will this help?
Many disabled or vulnerable people are frightened to go to the shops for fear of harassment and abuse. Keep Safe will help ensure people that communities are working together and there are places that they can seek assistance if required.

How do I participate?
We are looking for businesses to join Keep Safe. If you would like to participate, please contact the project iammeproject@yahoo.co.uk or the police. There is no cost to the business and we will advertise all participating Keep Safe premises within our website, publications and within the local disability groups.

Is this just a Renfrewshire initiative?
The initiative was developed in Renfrewshire, but is likely to be rolled out nationally.

Please help nominate us.
The project has been nominated for the national diversity awards and people can vote for the project at the following link https://nominate.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/nominate/endorse/5395?org=False

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