Stellar Show Shines on

As one of only three Scottish planetariums open to the public the good people of Paisley are spoilt with this new Stellar show. The recent £11.5k investment to upgrade our local planetarium comes at a time when others are plunging into darkness and converting into art galleries such as the one in Edinburgh. Paisley should be proud of its ongoing heritage which can now be enjoyed for many generations to come.

As you can see from Alex Kyle’s photos, it’s the small touches and detail that add real warmth to this phenomenal show. A custom built 360 degree skyline of many well known and famous local landmarks such as Coats Memorial Church and even Erskine Bridge add real character.

However, the real star of the show is John Pressly, curator of Science at Paisley Museum. John’s enthusiastic and entertaining stories range from early Greek astrology to a detailed display of stars, planets, constellations and distant galaxies. Anyone who’s visited the observatory recently on a clear night might be familiar with Saturn. Thanks to this new investment it can be seen in great detail come rain or shine. A visit is highly recommended. Advanced booking is essential. Shows take place every Tuesday between 2pm and 3pm. To book a seat simply drop in to the museum or call 0141 840 6179