The TA Hall Paisley

The Territorial Army Hall in Paisley is one of the finest looking buildings in the town and one which has been left to rot, inside and out.

The former TA Hall which is on sale through Colliers International was once the place where many a civilian signed on to join the regular and territorial army, and has even been a nightclub.

At the beginning of 2012 we checked the building as we had heard it was not secure and had reports of vandals and fire raising inside the property. We spoke to MSP George Adam who contacted the police and owners to secure the building and this was done immediately and from the front it has looked pretty secure, until we heard an update recently.

Unfortunately one of the less accessible doors was not secured and vandals managed to get access. Sadly the inside of the building has been damaged extensively. From what we can see the drill hall has had various fires and the glass panelled roof has been smashed and water damage is rife through the whole area, the classrooms and firing range have been stripped of metals and pipes and some of the roof has had the lead stripped but thankfully not beyond repair.

We put the images on Facebook and asked for people to re-post them and let people know of the damage, and to see if we could get people to sit up and notice of what was happening under our own noses. After all the building is just at the end of the High Street and across from the West of Scotland University, who incidentally once owned the building.

Immediately after we posted in Facebook, MSP George Adam contacted us and said he had been in contact with Colliers International and the police, and they assured him that the building will be made secure and that he will be kept informed.

Mr Adam has been brilliant and instrumental along with in trying to save this building from going to rack and ruin. We Buddies need to save our older fine buildings from becoming a pile of rubble and with the support of the wider community we can do just this. You can find more about MSP George Adam by visiting