Thomas Coats Observatory

New season of afternoon viewings launches next week

On Thursday 12 July, Coats Observatory in Paisley launches its regular solar viewing season.

We all owe our existence to the Sun. Without it, life on Earth would be impossible.  The Sun provides heat, light, nourishment for plant and animal life right down to the very atoms that make up our bodies, which are made of the same material found inside the Sun.

You can get a closer view of our nearest star by attending one of the solar observing sessions at Coats Observatory. These will run every Thursday afternoon, 2pm-4pm from July 12 to Aug 31 in the garden of Coats Observatory. Telescopes dedicated to safe Sun watching will be set up, allowing visitors to see detail such as sunspots, solar flares and prominences, and observatory staff will be on hand to answer any questions that visitors may have.

Coats Observatory point out that, on a point of safety, the telescopes in use at Coats Observatory to view the Sun are specially designed only for solar viewing. We should never look at the Sun with binoculars, an unfiltered telescope or even with the naked eye as permanent damage to your eyes will occur very quickly.

Admission to the solar viewing events is free and there is no need to book. For further information log onto or follow us on facebook at

Please note that solar viewing is weather dependent and will not take place in the event of thick cloud or rain.