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A Waggoner’s War (Paisley Book)

Fergus Fulton was born in Chile 1923, moved to Glasgow where his father originally came from in 1931. He started with J&P Coats in 1940 and joined the RASC in 1942 aged 19 yrs. After demobilisation he returned to work with J&P Coats,it was here that he met and fell in love with Jessie McLardie. They married in the High Church in 1948 and they had 2 sons. He was one of J&P Coats most loyal and respected salesmen. Fergus died in 1976 aged 53, his wife Jessie outlived him by 27 years and he is survived by his 2 sons Gordon and Graham who both still live in Paisley.

Graham decided to find a publisher as he felt it was a story worth sharing with a large readership, be they part of the dwindling band of veterans or simply younger people with a curiosity about the brave men who fought in the second world war to keep our country free from tyranny.

Place names, punctuation and grammar are exactly as they were in the original diaries which tell some of the story of one mans “ordinary” war.

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