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Fire Safety – Paisley

As you probably know Scotland is in a pretty bad way with fire stats. Only 40% compliance with the fire Scotland act 2005, 1 in 10 fires in this area are commercial fires and you are twice as likely to die in a fire in scotland than any other country in the UK. Insurers also pay out £3.8m per day in commercial fire claims.

This has a huge impact at home, the local community, in business and on the economy.

Last year in Broomlands Street there was a fire in 1 or 2 flats and it came to light that none of the 6 flats had a working fire alarm to give an example.

I have been trying to promote #testittuesday on twitter and facebook and get others to RT it to get people to test their smoke alarms at home. I have been using one of my blog posts that gives practical advice on smoke alarms and also info about contacting Strathclyde Fire and Rescue to get a free alarm etc.


this link is for monthly checks for fire extinguishers at work.