The Happening
Paisley Town Hall, Abbey Close, Paisley, PA1 1JF
Tuesday 16th November 2010
9.30am – 4pm

Social enterprise Trade Fair The Happening will offer something for
everyone. For those involved or interested in social enterprise there’s the
opportunity to learn something new at a series of workshops, make new
contacts, discover more business opportunities, visit other companies and
see how they operate or simply relax and socialise with like-minded others
while browsing the stalls at the Trade Fair to make a start on your Xmas

Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services (RCVS) are organising this
special event to celebrate the existence of social enterprises – companies
that put people before profit. They hope it will become an annual tradition
and bring people from across Scotland to learn more about social
enterprise, share knowledge, network with other social entrepreneurs and
sell their goods at a trade fair that will be open to the general public.

Janis McDonald, Chief Executive of RCVS: “In light of these tough
financial times, RCVS view this as an important event which will be of
great importance for Social Enterprise businesses. Social Enterprises
reinvest profits in local communities and we aim to achieve an increased
recognition amongst local people of the social benefits and cost efficiency
of the immense work done by this sector. RCVS is proud of the sector it
represents and is delighted to showcase the good work being done by hosting
The Happening 2010.”

Stalls at the Trade Fair are going quickly, with many seeing it as a great
opportunity to tap into the beginning of the festive shopping season.
Scottish Huntington’s will be selling their Christmas cards, for example,
while the Sunshine Gallery from Paisley Shopping Centre will be offering
artwork to members of the public who come in looking for something a little

All charity and voluntary groups are welcome to book a stall at the Trade
Fair, which will be open to the general public, and take advantage of this
great opportunity to sell your wares to a large audience of Christmas
shoppers. Anyone wishing to book a stall is advised to book quickly as
space is running out.

A series of workshops will be running throughout the day for delegates and
stallholders to attend, covering such topics as starting up and developing
a social enterprise, advice on obtaining funding and contract

Delegates and stallholders will also have the opportunity to visit social
enterprises in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, finding out more about
how they operate and the services they deliver.

Everyone is welcome to take part in The Happening. Anyone who purchases a
ticket for The Happening will be given full access to the trade fair,
workshops and trips to local social enterprises.

The trade fair will be open to the general public. Any charity, voluntary
group or social enterprise in Scotland is welcome to book a stall at it.

RCVS is in the process of arranging hotel discounts and other special
offers for delegates and stall holders.

Anyone interested in The Happening should contact RCVS on 0141 587 2487 or for further information.