paisley from drone

We are nearly finished our Paisley and Renfrewshire events section and it will contain updated events on a regular basis hopefully for months in advance, but we need something from you.

We need you to tell us about your event or activity be it the annual dance to the weekly activities such as the local community hall bingo, the Boys Brigade, the Local Scout group, special events such as the Paisley Beer festival or Accord day and even tell us if you hear about an event that’s happening.

We will display your event or activity weekly or monthly depending on when it takes place this is a free way to publicise your event to thousands of people and boost your numbers, we can even display your event on our frontpage for a short time to highlight your event in the Paisley or Renfrewshire area and beyond.

All we need is some basic details.

  • The Name of the event
  • Where is it taking place, i.e Paisley, Johnstone, Linwood, Barrhead, Renfrew, Houston etc etc
  • The location of the event i.e Paisley Town Hall, Foxbar Community Centre etc
  • The time and date of the event and when it finishes
  • The description of the event and if there is a price or booking number
  • And also any special information that is attached to the event.

Remember it is free, send your event in by using the contact page on the paisley website