Update your Internet Browser

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To get the best possible results when visiting many websites these days including Paisley on the web, you will have to update your browser to something which meets todays standards, it doesnt matter how old your computer is you can still upgrade your browser for free..

Now my favourite browser isnt Internet Explorer as I find this is prone to spyware and bugs and not to mention as slow as a week in Barlinie “not that I have ever been there”

To install Firefox browser go to www.mozilla.com and click for the free download, it takes a bit of getting used to but it is honestly a far superior browser.

Or you could update your tired old Internet explorer to Internet explorer 7, the download isnt that big and it is well worth it.

To download the new update go to www.microsoft.com/uk/windows/ie/downloads/ or click the link.

Why not do it now it will only take five minutes of your time.