Do you want to grow your business or grow as an individual in business? Then who better to encourage you than someone who has already made that journey?

With a diverse pool of Business Mentors across all sectors, you will be matched with someone who has the right skills and experience to add value to your business.

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Business Mentoring can help with:

Business strategy

International business knowledge

Export expertise

Creating business opportunities


Teamwork/Leadership skills

Using this service will not just give you the confidence to develop your business, it can also introduce you to a great network of contacts who can open doors and inspire new thinking.

Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce Business Mentoring can help business owners like you realise your personal and business growth ambitions, giving you the ability to take your company to new heights.

We can put you in touch with highly experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to share the secrets of their success.

Take advantage of our fully funded support service and find out how our Business Mentors can help you.

Stuart Murray pic

Stuart Murray is our Development Executive responsible for Business Mentoring in Renfrewshire. He can be contacted on:

Mobile: 07525 323500

Telephone: 0141 847 5458


Clyde walkway after being tidied

Volunteers are making it a Spotless September in Renfrewshire after more than 250 bags of litter were collected in the first two weeks.

Clyde walkway after being tidied

Hundreds of volunteers have taken part in an incredible 75 litter picks so far as inspired individuals and community groups do their bit to make their local community cleaner and brighter.

Litter picks have taken place all across Renfrewshire, including Erskine, Renfrew, Paisley, Johnstone, Linwood, Bishopton, Houston and Bridge of Weir.

Marion McDonald and her two children, Matthew (11) and Ivy (6), from Toddle Tots

Local volunteers have been provided by the Renfrewshire Council with sanitised litter pickers and equipment to take part in their litter picks, as well as information on how to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic while litter picking, and the council’s StreetScene team have collected each bag of litter afterwards too.


Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “It’s incredible how devoted our volunteers are and their dedication to keeping their community clean continues to amaze me.

“We are all working together to not only make where we live cleaner and brighter, but also to change the behaviour of those who think it’s okay to drop litter.

Cllr Cathy McEwan

“The Team Up to Clean Up campaign has created a community of local people who want to make a difference and, slowly but surely, we will make real environmental change here in Renfrewshire.

“I’ve been out litter picking as part of Spotless September and I can’t wait to get out again. Please come join me and hundreds of others as we work hard to make Renfrewshire a nicer place to live, work and visit.”

The award-winning Team Up to Clean Up campaign sees the council and community join together to carry out enhanced cleaning of Renfrewshire’s local environment, with additional road sweeping, litter picking, and gully cleaning assisted by the local community’s litter picks.

For more information, and to find out how to take part, visit

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TRANSFORM: Helping you navigate the post-Covid business environment. 

Funded and developed by Renfrewshire Chamber our TRANSFORM programme is designed to help you adapt and transition to the new business environment post-COVID. With online training and support in key areas including Leadership, Strategy, Digital, Green Recovery and Wellbeing. TRANSFORM is free to join and delivered between August 2020-Feb 2021. Places are limited to max 20 for each discipline. Please contact the team to register your interest now. 

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TRANSFORM: Green Recovery with leading environmental consultants Mabbett

Session 1: 15 Sept 2020 10am-11am Title: What’s the fuss about “net zero” emissions?

  • Background to Scottish government goals and targets – net zero emissions by 2045.
  • Strategic planning and what this means for companies both large and small.
  • Current help available for companies
  • A consideration of your own company’s current status on net zero emissions planning
  • One action to take away.

Session 2: 22 Sept 2020 10am-11am Title: What SME’s can do to reduce emissions and save money

Session 3: 29 Sept 2020 10am-11am Title: Your Net Zero Emissions by 2045 Strategy – Opportunities”


Contact Jill Carrino 07702 9090474

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TRANSFORM: Mental Health & Wellbeing with Brian Costello – Headstrong  

As we return to work Mental Health has been pushed to the front of many of our agendas.  Whether it be for our colleagues, for ourselves or, in many cases, both, it is imperative that business leaders understand the modern Mental Health landscape to create success.

The good news is that’s not as difficult as it may initially seem.

In these sessions HeadStrong’s Brian Costello will give us an insight into everyone else’s minds by helping us understand our own.  Brian will give us some key understandings over these 3 fascinating sessions

Session 1) Wednesday 30th September 12-1.15pm
Session 2) Wednesday 7th October 12-1.15pm
Session 3) Wednesday 14th October 12-1.15pm

Contact Jill Carrino 07702 9090474

TRANSFORM: Leadership for Today: mapping your journey in an ever-changing world. With John Armstrong – On Track Training & Coaching.

The arrival of Covid-19 has had an enormous impact globally and as lockdown restrictions ease, a “new normality” is starting to be established.  So, what does this mean for leadership at work today?  This programme will create an opportunity, for those leaders attending, to reflect on their experiences and learning so far and to map their own journey and their future in an ever-changing world.  The three themes chosen highlight areas where leaders might be able to impact positively on their people and organisation.

  • Thursday 22nd October 2020 12pm-1.15pm The Adaptive Leader
  • Thursday 29th October 2020 12pm-1.15pm The Caring Leader
  • Thursday 5th November 2020 12pm-1.5pm The Resilient Leader


Contact Bob Grant 07702 909476 

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TRANSFORM: Digital with Gary Ennis from NSDesign

Attendees will learn how best to use Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin to help market their organisation and engage with customers. Digital marketing will also be covered including use of video, email & blogging. A great opportunity for Chamber members to learn from the best. Gary is an award-winning digital marketer – and NSDesign is a well-established and respected company in this field

Session 1) Tuesday 22nd September 10am-12pm
Session 2) Tuesday 29th September 10am-12pm
Session 3) Friday 9th October 10am-12pm

Contact Jill Carrino 07702 9090474

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TRANSFORM:Strategy – Fit 4 Business (The R-series) with John Leburn –

RESILIENCE (n): the capacity to absorb energy from disruption

Has the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on your business? Struggling to make sense of it all? Are you looking for some simple guidance in a business world that seems to have turned upside down?

Join our 3-part TRANSFORM:Strategy series designed to help you step back and review how the recent disruption caused by COVID-19 has impacted your business and its future prospects. John Leburn, a Principal Consultant from, will take you through 6 simple (easy to implement) fixes that can often be the difference between success and failure

Session 1) Tuesday 25th August 9am-10.15am

Session 2) Tuesday 8th September, 9am-10.15am

Session 3) Tuesday 15thth September, 9am-10.15am


*new dates to be announced shortly* 


Contact Stuart Murray 07525 323500

1st choice chemdry

A beautiful and clean carpet will make a huge difference to the interiors of your home. 

1st choice chemdry

Local Paisley business, 1st Choice ChemDry uses carbonating cleaning solutions to remove dirt, stains, and bacteria build-up on your carpets. 

You can rely on 1st Choice ChemDry to clean your carpets thoroughly, ensuring they are left sparkling clean and dry in 1 to 2 hours.

1st Choice ChemDry can clean rugs on-site depending on size, convenience and the level of work required. The team can also lift the rugs and clean them in their purpose-built rug cleaning workshop.

1st choice chemdry

Perks of a ChemDry carpet clean:

  • 80% less moisture that other carpet cleaning processes
  • No soapy residue which can accelerate carpet re-soiling
  • Safe for wool and manmade carpet fibres
  • No shrinkage – guaranteed

1st Choice ChemDry also offer upholstery and curtain cleaning. 

Find out more and book a free consultation today: 

Aesthetic suites
Aesthetic suites have welcomed many new clients to the practice this month. Geographically from further afield… Stirling Edinburgh and the west coast.
Each new client has chosen the clinic due to the great reviews left. Here are a few examples from this month.
Aesthetic suitesAesthetic suites Aesthetic suites

Give your staff peace of mind when returning to work after lockdown. 



Local Paisley business 1st Choice ChemDry is offering commercial sanitising with their hospital-grade formula. 

1st Choice ChemDry also uses APT testing, which can tell the team in just 10 seconds whether something has been effectively sanitised. It is used by the National Health Service. Using APT testing means you can be sure the area is sanitised and disinfected. 

1st Choice ChemDry can sanitise surfaces and treat whole areas with sanitising fog. 


The team can also clean carpets and soft furnishings, such as curtains and chairs. 

Their formula is safe for humans and the environment. Your office will be safe for staff to re-enter after just one hour, and their team is available Friday evenings and Saturdays to ensure minimal disruption. 


The team sanitise their equipment, wear PPE, and socially distance when on site. 

Get in touch and arrange a FREE consultation today.


A MUM devastated by the sudden death of her teenage son from a hidden medical condition has launched a petition calling on the Scottish Government to offer full body scans for newborn babies.

The move by Sameena Javed is to make sure rare and hidden medical conditions are detected early.


The mum is also petitioning for introduce bereavement lessons in schools.

Unknown to anyone, Sameena’s 13-year-old son, Ahmar had Ateriovenous Malformation (AVM), which caused him to suddenly develop a bleed on the brain in 2017.

The lad’s mum and dad, Sameena and Javed, (correct) from Elderslie, in Renfrewshire had to take the agonising decision to turn off his life support machine ten days after Ahmar suffered the bleed while at a karate class.

The 40-year-old mum, from Paisley, who is urging people to sign her two petitions said: “I don’t want other families to go through the heartbreak my family felt.

ahmar 2

“The condition Ahmar had was totally asymptomatic and no one had any idea. We only discovered it after he had a brain bleed and by then it was too late to treat or save him.

“I’m calling on the Scottish Government to offer brain and body scans to all neonates in our hospitals. I appreciate not every parent will want their baby to be scanned, but surely it’s worth it if a hidden or rare condition can be detected and treated.

“If my son had been offered a brain scan at birth his condition could have been detected, potentially treated and he would still be with us now.”

ahmar 1

Sameena, added: “Ahmar’s sudden death had a terrible effect on many of his fellow pupils at Castlehead High School, in Paisley. The shock hit Ahmar’s young relatives and friends very hard.

“If young people in schools are taught about bereavement and death, then it might be ever so slightly easier for them to understand and cope with the grief that follows losing someone they know and is close to them.”

After Ahmar died, Sameena launched a charity called, Another Star In The Sky to raise money in her son’s name.

Sameena says there is not enough research into early diagnosis and treatment of AVM – which affects just one in 10,000 people.

The charity has raised more than £13,000 with half the money being donated to the Office for Rare Conditions Glasgow at the Royal Hospital for Children and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, to help fund research into rare illnesses like (AVM) that killed Ahmar.

The other part of fundraising goes to the Child Bereavement UK charity’s Glasgow centre that offers support to bereaved children and families.

Ahmar’s school pals at Castlehead High had been given a statue of the Oor Wullie cartoon character to paint by intu Braehead and then put on display in the centre as part of the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail.

And the pupils decided they would paint the statue in Ahmar’s honour and write messages to him on Oor Wullie’s arm.

Go to and to find out more and sign Sameena’s petitions.


Hey, Lucas here again. Now I suggest if you are not into good old Scottish history then probably best not to read this. My great grandfather loved Scottish history so I decided to dedicate this article in memory of him. 


Now if you are Scottish, have been brought up within Scotland or just love good old Scottish history then you will know the famous King Robert The Bruce and the famous Scottish rebellion by the name of William Wallace…or maybe you have just seen Braveheart. Anyways, you will know William Wallace was the famous Scottish rebellion who chased King Edward and his army back down to England after they tried to invade Scotland and take it over. King Robert The Bruce was the King of Scots, he was the man who won the battle of Bannockburn and freed Scotland from the English rule announcing Scotland as an independent kingdom. So, what do these guys have to do with Paisley? A-lot, well according to legend as it stands. 

Let us start with William Wallace, shall we? There is still a lot of debate surrounding it but Elderslie is still regarding as William’s birthplace. This is due to it being known that within the 15th century poem by Blind Harry it says that William’s father was in fact the Sir Malcolm of Elderslie which is in Renfrewshire which is why Elderslie is still commonly held as William’s birthplace. Within the legends it says that William was educated by the monks of Paisley because he was the son of a second minor noble. Now to myself William being educated by monks makes sense considering there is a stain glass window of William in Paisley Abbey but who knows? Anyways, legend has it that it may have been expected for Wallace to become a priest, clearly this did not happen and life took him down a very different road. He led in what was called the Scottish Resistance in the first years of the long battle between Scotland and England to free Scotland from the English rule. 

Of course, this all started because King Edward decided to imprison the Scottish King at the time John de Balliol and decided to declare that he was now the ruler of Scotland, I guess that was one way to take over another land and then of course this led to a very long war where William Wallace lead the Scottish Resistance into battle with King Edward’s army and chased them back down to England at one point during the war. Now, when I say chased, I mean they did battle and the Scottish Resistance won, making the English army retreat. I don’t mean the Scottish Resistance literary chased English army all the way back down to England shouting “FREEDOM” or that, no people this isn’t Mel Gibson in Braveheart. However, on that note all these stories are just legends there is no documented evidence to say any of this is true so I will leave that up to yourself to decide. 

Now moving onto Robert The Bruce as I explained Robert the Bruce otherwise known as the King of Scots was the King of Scotland. It was the year after William Wallace was killed that Robert the Bruce became the King of Scotland, he became King in 1306. Now even though Robert is not himself directly linked to Paisley (sorry to disappoint all you Robert the Bruce fans), his eldest child Marjory Bruce is. When Marjory was young, she was taken and imprisoned by King Edward when Robert The Bruce her father snatched the vacant crown that was called King of Scots. Marjory was kept imprisoned within the now famous Tower of London, though I imagine back in those days the Tower of London was not a place you wanted to go to never-mind be imprisoned within. #

Anyways, Robert’s daughter was only freed when the Scots and English armies went to war and won the Battle of Bannockburn, the Scots army being led by Robert the Bruce himself. The battle took place in 1314 which was when Robert’s daughter was released finally from the Tower of London, a year later in 1315 she was wed to one of her father’s lieutenants, his most loyal one at that. She was wed to a man name Walter Fitzalan who was the High Steward to the King. He was also a decedent of Walter Fitzalan the man who built the Paisley Abbey 150 years or so before. The legend goes that Marjory who was pregnant was riding back to her husband William’s castle in Renfrew on May the 2nd 1316 when she accidentally had fallen from her horse. Her baby had to be delivered by C-Section however, sadly Marjory did not survive the accident. 

There is a Wallace Monument within Elderslie and of course the stained-glass window earlier that I mentioned of William Wallace which is within Paisley Abbey. The Marjory Bruce Cairn is a large carin stone that stands on Renfrew road in Paisley, nobody knows to this day if the story of Marjory Bruce is true or not again I will leave that up to you to decide for yourself. Do you believe that Marjory was killed in the way the legend says or do you think she died of childbirth that was common back in those days? How about William Wallace do you think he was born in Elderslie or another part of Scotland? 

One thing is for sure though no matter whether these legends or true or not they make up a great part of Scotland’s magnificent history and Paisley and Renfrewshire’s. Maybe one day we will find out if these legends are true or not but for now let’s just embrace it as another part of Paisley and Renfrewshire’s hidden history.

Jessica Cushley, 30, with friend 31-year-old Victoria Smith, both from Erskine Renfrewshire enjoy a game of adventure golf in Soar at intu Braehead.

PALS Jessica Cushley and Victoria Smith got back in the swing of things yesterday when they were first to play a fun game of adventure golf in Soar at intu Braehead, after the government’s coronavirus restrictions were eased.

Jessica Cushley, 30, with friend 31-year-old Victoria Smith, both from Erskine Renfrewshire enjoy a game of adventure golf in Soar at intu Braehead.

The Paradise Island Adventure Golf attraction at the popular leisure destination re-opened its doors to the public after lockdown, which began at the end of March.

Jessica, 30 and Victoria, 31 both from Erskine, Renfrewshire enjoyed playing a few holes of adventure golf before heading to Frankie and Benny’s restaurant in Soar, for a bite of lunch.

Jessica said: “We’ve certainly missed going out with friends and having some fun during lockdown.”

Craig Nichol, marketing manager for Paradise Island Adventure Golf at Soar said: “It’s fantastic to be open again. It’s been a tough few months for everyone as leisure activities have been one of the things people haven’t been able to do and it’s a big thing in our lives.

“Our bookings have been very strong since we announced we were re-opening and people are happy that they are able to get out and about and have some fun with their families.

“Knowing they can enjoy leisure activities again also makes them more relaxed and accepting of the restrictions that have been put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.”

Paradise Island Adventure Golf has introduced a series of measures to keep everyone safe while they play golf at the attraction.

An online booking system has been introduced, although people can still turn up and pay to play on the day.

Directional signage is in place to show the one-way system around the two 18-hole courses and hand sanitisers are available for visitors.

Other leisure attractions at Soar that have re-opened recently include the Odeon cinema, tenpin bowling, Funstation and Prizestation amusement arcades, along with various restaurants and bars. The team at Soar has introduced new measures and procedures to stop the spread of coronavirus, including social distancing and hygiene procedures, such as hand sanitisers for visitors use. It includes a raft of other measures with floor stickers indicating a one-way system for visitors and staff training to ensure visitors stay socially distanced.

Visitors are also required to wear face coverings in line with Scottish government instructions.

David Lyon, marketing manager for intu Braehead said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Soar at intu Braehead and everything is being done to make sure it’s a safe place to visit and work.

“Due to the measures we have put in place to protect everyone from coronavirus, the visitor’s experience at Soar may be slightly different from usual, but one thing’s for sure they will get the same warm welcome they’ve come to expect from us.”

aesthetic suites
Prior to lockdown in March due to the ongoing pandemic it was a huge opening year for this aesthetics clinic right here in paisley.
aesthetic suites
The beginning of the venture at braehead arena featuring at the wedding exhibition..also advertised in tie the knot wedding magazine.
Prior to this there was a full page spread in the paisley daily Express…welcoming everyone to an open evening to give advice and guidance in the world of non surgical cosmetics. This was a huge success allowing people to be comfortable in the clinical area.
Nichola gormley has been at the heart of it all and is delighted with the growing reputation of this practice.
aesthetic suites
Aesthetic suites became finalists at the Rocco awards with the paisley chambers of commerce for Renfrewshire favourite business. This was a huge honour.
The practice then went onto win the regional Scottish business award for best aesthetic clinic and will now compete for the best aesthetic clinic in Scotland.
There is a new nurse working alongside Nichola. Lorraine has been welcomed by patients and is settling in well.
Both of them are glad to be back in the practice following their return to front line nursing during the pandemic.
aesthetic suites
Although the clinic was closed Nichola and Lorraine continued to enhance their knowledge base and keep in with practising completing weekly webinars with the academy of aesthetics ran by Dr G Virdi as well as new certifications in facial anatomy and complications management
All new policies, procedures and risk assessments keep everyone safe….and the contingency plan has been approved by the regulatory body.
A hand sanitisation station is in place outside the clinic with disposable masks , gloves, and aprons. Instructions for appointments are discussed via telephone prior to appointments. All for the purpose of keeping everyone safe