Renfrewshire Labour today launched its manifesto for the May 5th Renfrewshire Council election, with a promise to “put Renfrewshire first” and “get the basics right.”

Unveiling its plans for a Labour administration in Renfrewshire over the next five years, the party outlined a raft of policies in the areas of education, the cost-of-living crisis, the economy and work, housing, local environment, health and social care, and transport.

Ren Labour manifesto launch

Launching the manifesto, Chair of Renfrewshire Labour’s Local Government Committee Margaret McCormick said:

“Renfrewshire has been going backwards under the current SNP Council. They have been content to manage decline. They have broken promises, cut services, and continuously wasted taxpayers’ money. They have also completely failed to stand up for Renfrewshire against the cuts being inflicted on our community by both the SNP and Tory governments. The people of Renfrewshire deserve better.

Renfrewshire’s election on May 5th isn’t about the constitution or your position on independence. It’s about local people, local services, and the local community. Labour has a clear plan for change and for getting the basics right – with policies targeted to clean up our streets, fund the frontline, reinvigorate our town centres and local economy, and work to bring local buses under public control.

Renfrewshire Labour isn’t promising the earth. We’re just promising to run Renfrewshire properly. Plenty of councils manage to fix the roads and keep the streets clean. The SNP have had their chance in Renfrewshire and they’ve failed. It’s time for change.”

The policies detailed in the manifesto include:

  • A freeze of all council fees and charges for at least two years, and a pledge to keep council tax low.
  • A refreshed strategy to repair our roads and footways and an end to sub-standard road patching.
  • Targeting wardens and CCTV in anti-social behaviour hotspots to make our streets and parks safer.
  • Zero tolerance for fly-tipping and dog-fouling.
  • Reducing Renfrewshire’s educational attainment gap and demanding a renewed emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills.
  • School swimming lessons for all children by age 10.
  • Creating a new master plan for town centres to unlock the potential of our high streets.
  • Supporting local businesses by using council resources to buy local.
  • Working to create a Strathclyde-wide bus network run for people not private profit.
  • Building and enhancing the stock of social housing.
  • Defending our green belt and giving local communities more say over planning decisions.

Speaking as the manifesto was launched, Paisley Northwest Labour candidate Ben Smith commented:

“The reception on the doors has been really encouraging. Residents who have historically voted for all parties and none are expressing enthusiasm for Labour, and exhaustion with this incompetent SNP Council. Our diverse and energised team of local champions will provide the fresh thinking and ideas that Renfrewshire Council needs.

“The SNP have had their chance. It’s time for change in Renfrewshire, and a vote for Scottish Labour is a vote to deliver that change.”


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