Bibby calls for ‘levelling up’ of Paisley town centre

Responding to news that a bid to spend over £38 million of UK government cash in the Paisley Harbour and Abercorn Street areas had been successful, MSP Neil Bibby said: “I will always press for Paisley and Renfrewshire’s fair share of investment.

iain nicholson

The definition of the Leveling up Fund ”

What is the UK Levelling up?
The £4.8 billion Levelling Up Fund contributes to the levelling up agenda by investing in infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK, including regenerating town centre and high streets, upgrading local transport, and investing in cultural and heritage assets.”

I hope this award is one of many and that it will deliver the change being promised. Our local economy is crying out for investment, to bring back skilled work and breathe new life into our town centre. “Local people want to know why, of the £38 million secured for Renfrewshire, not a single penny will be invested in Paisley town centre itself.


“There will be no levelling up in Paisley until we level up the heart of the local economy. If the town centre won’t see any direct benefit to this £38 million then the Council should challenge both Scottish and UK Governments to find new ways of investing in our area.

Frankly, the Council should be doing much more to fill vacant units and kick-start regeneration too. Paisley and Renfrewshire are missing out on the investment it needs. It is clear the UK Government policy of levelling up is a PR exercise and the Scottish Government don’t have one. People in Paisley are being failed by both our Governments. If the Scottish and UK Governments think this is good enough then they are very much mistaken.”