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Creative Renfrewshire has announced the launch of a new arts festival to discover the next generation of creative superstars.


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Creative Renfrewshire is a network that amplifies, connects, informs, and shines a light on creative and cultural activities taking place in Renfrewshire. Our mission is to document, record, and promote the voices of Renfrewshire’s creative community on a local, national, and international level, while also celebrating the community and its practitioners. We will do this through a series of activities and events scheduled for November and December 2021 throughout Renfrewshire. Each event will collect anecdotes of Renfrewshire’s inventiveness.


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The community of Creative Renfrewshire hosts a wide variety of artistic and cultural practitioners at all stages of their careers. We are inviting creative practitioners from all creative disciplines to participate in or present at our Gathering Voices Showcase to be held in the communities of Linwood, Erskine, Kilbarchan, Paisley, Barrhead, Johnstone, Renfrew, Hillington, and Ferguslie.

Contributors will have the opportunity to share their thoughts with a broader audience through recorded interviews and live on-stage presentations. Event administration is provided by Morsecode Management Ltd, Hillington, Glasgow.

Festival Director Brendan Moon
“Are you the next David Tennant, Gerard Butler, or a great musical sensation in the making? If that’s the case, Gathering Voices may be your first step toward global success.”

“Before the epidemic, we did a test event in Houston, says Billy Kinnear, Creative Renfrewshire Board Member. We had a tattoo artist who went on to become a fine artist, as well as a wonderful poet and spoken word artist who introduced everyone to a new type of poetry. We were also entertained by some incredible live music. I would encourage anybody in the area who is involved in the creative arts to attend.”

Thursday 4th November, Barrhead, Pulse Radio

Saturday 6th of November, Erskine, Erskine Music and Media Centre

Thursday 11thof November, Linwood, Mossedge Village.

Saturday 13th Nov 2021, Lochwinnoch, Lochbarr Leisure Centre

Wednesday 17th November, Ferguslie, Tannahill Centre

Thursday 18th November, Spateston, Venue TBC

Friday 19th November, Renfrew, Arkleston Community Centre

Tuesday 23rdof November, Hillington, Morsecode Management.

Wednesday / Thursday 24th / 25th November 2021, Kilbarchan, Kilbarchan Performing Arts centre. 

Tuesday 30th of November, Paisley, Castlevecci Fish and chip shop

Thursday 2ndof December, Paisley, The Bungalow

Saturday 4th  December, Paisley, Paisley Abbey

Further information 

The events and activities organised by Creative Renfrewshire are engaging and inspirational, allowing individuals from a variety of creative and cultural professions to network and establish new collaborations. You won’t want to miss our events, whether you’re a seasoned expert, a budding creative practitioner, or simply inquisitive.

Each event will be hosted by Morsecode on behalf of Creative Renfrewshire. Morsecode is a music, arts, and entertainment management firm that has worked on events, live events, public relations and artist management, and social media management, as well as discovering Paolo Nutini, securing funding for the arts and other public bodies, collaborating with the Scottish Parliament, and promoting international music.

If you are unable to attend any of the events, you may watch them live on the Creative Renfrewshire website. Please send an email to takepart@morsecode.fans to register for the event.



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