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When we go out, whether we shop or dine at a restaurant, we don’t think too much about our comfort and take it for granted. But when an establishment has an uncomfortable temperature, that’s when we take notice. When something isn’t working as it should, that’s often the time when we realise what we have been taking for granted – which is precisely the case with the suitable AC installation. If you are a business owner, you are more than likely concerned about the comfort of your customers, and along with this comes your AC system, which has to be the right fit for your requirements and provide your staff and customers with the comfort level they deserve. But if you have already decided on investing in a sound AC system, how can you choose the best one? Here are the main aspects to consider when selecting an air conditioning installation for your commercial property.

  • Learn more about each system’s benefits

You can now take advantage of various kinds of AC systems, and they’re not just for cooling – you can use them to provide heating in your premises, too. But the range of choices can be too overwhelming, so before you make your AC system decision, learn more about each system’s benefits and find out what each can offer. 

For instance, there are two popular kinds of systems: the packaged system and the heat pump system. The packaged system consists of different units in one cabinet, and this HVAC system is quite energy-efficient and allows you to save on space. On the other hand, the heat pump system circulates heat, therefore decreasing your usage of energy and allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature level all year round. The heat pump system offers both cooling and heating. 


  • Choose the proper size 

Whilst some may think ‘the bigger, the better,’ this isn’t always true with HVAC systems. If you choose a unit that is too big, it will end up consuming too much energy whilst still producing too much humidity indoors. But if you choose a system that’s not large enough, it will not be able to cool (or heat) your premises well. The right-sized system is vital, and if you’re not sure about what size or how many units to install, it’s best to turn to the experts and get commercial air conditioning from Sub Cool FM, which has years of experience and expertise under its belt. 

  • Think carefully about efficiency, air quality, and reliability 

Regardless of the size you choose, one vital component is undoubtedly the system’s reliability. It has to work when you need it to work, and it has to sufficiently cool or heat your premises. If it’s not warm or cool enough, your staff could be at higher risk of developing health conditions, and their productivity can be affected. It could also affect the integrity of your stocks and inventory. 

Air quality is another vital factor, and it’s essential to choose a system that has the proper filters – and this lessens the risk of the spread of disease or infections. Along with this, think about efficiency. It’s not just about how much your utility bills are each month – it’s also about the comfort of your staff and customers.  Look for units with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and you can even add extra components that can improve the efficiency of your system.