Communities will help shape Renfrewshire’s response to the climate emergency after councillors agreed to establish a Community Climate Panel.

A cross-section of the local community will be recruited to join the panel and will be a key component of the community engagement on this issue as the Council seeks to create a climate conversation across Renfrewshire.

Councillors agreed to create the panel which will help set the priorities and recommended actions required  to make Renfrewshire net-zero by 2030.

A survey of businesses in Renfrewshire will also take place, supported by the Chamber of Commerce, which will focus on the climate emergency, green recovery, circular economy and opportunities for green investment and new green jobs.

Funding has also been agreed for independent research into the priority actions required to meet the area’s challenging net-zero target, with the analysis and technical assessment of current carbon emissions providing the strong evidence base required to set out the adaptation plan’s priorities.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “Climate change continues to be an important priority of the council as we look to meet our ambitious target of becoming net-zero by 2030.

“We’ve already made great progress as a Council in recent years, but we need to accelerate this and also ensure that community and businesses across Renfrewshire are at the heart of our journey together.

“The engagement plans and funding agreed will allow officers to gain the views and evidence they need to set out our journey to net zero and I look forward to contributing to this alongside the community and our businesses.”

Funding has been provided from the Council’s £1million Climate Change Action Fund, which is intended to fund innovative projects and initiatives being developed by Council services in response to the climate emergency, provide initial funding to pilot new ideas and approaches, to support engagement and partnership working across Renfrewshire, or to accelerate the pace of change already being delivered through existing initiatives.

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