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If you’re looking to protect your business from shifts in energy that could lead to power shortages and result in lost work, a UPS could be a great addition to your business. 

A UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply provides clean and reliable power to all of your essential operations and systems, keeping your business running all of the time.

Unlike a backup generator, you won’t have any start-up wait time. A UPS will begin working instantly, providing protection to your machinery and the data inside; this enables you to save your files and shut your device down safely. 

Don’t take the chance of losing essential client files and information; take a look at everything you need to know to keep your business protected.

Risks That Come with Losing Power

Losing power can be detrimental to your business. In a world driven by data, technology is at the forefront of nearly all industries, meaning your systems’ power needs to be reliable. Here are some of the risks that come with losing power in your business.

Loss of Income

If you have a power outage and your employees cannot continue their work, you risk losing valuable profits. Small businesses in the UK can lose up to £800 per hour in an incident like this.

Time Wasting 

If your employees lose the work they have already completed in the case of a power outage, they will be wasting time re-doing it. A UPS avoids any troubles that a power loss can cause.

Data Protection 

Critical data can be lost as a result of a damaged server or computer caused by irregularities of power. This can all be protected with a UPS.

Data Corruption 

Data corruption is a severe result that could occur if power is lost. Partly added data could be lost, resulting in corruption to the rest of the database. If the product is an off-shelf output such as a Sage or CRM, any corruption could mean that the database will have to be rolled back to the previous backup. 


A backup might have taken place many days prior, resulting in lots of lost work within that time.

Risk to Reputation 

If you have a power shortage that results in any of the mentioned risks, a client may deem your company unreliable and seek work elsewhere. The insertion of a UPS in your business allows you to continue working without the fear of losing any data, which could end up in the loss of customers.

Unsaved Work 

Losing work that you have already completed is very frustrating. The feeling of being pushed back to repeat tasks can leave you feeling unmotivated to continue. A UPS will allow you to save your work correctly in the case of any kind of power outage.

How can a UPS be used?

Desktop Computers 

Unlike using a laptop, desktop computers will turn off as soon as power is lost. Use a UPS for the crucial desktop computers of your business, if not all.


Keep your server protected. It is one of the most essential areas of any business.

Network Equipment 

If your business relies on online communications and virtual services, it is worth adding UPS protection to protect yourself.

Network Attached Storage Devices

A susceptible area to power fluctuations, NAS benefit from any protection they can get.

How do I select the proper UPS for me?

If you’re wondering what the best UPS for your business will be, a great place to check out is online at ETB Tech. On their website is everything you could need when it comes to servers and hard drives, ensuring you will find the perfect power supply for your needs.