How Online Slot Machines Work: Making Winners and Losers


With the online gambling industry in full bloom, it would see a little remedial to write an article saying that gambling is bad,and hell with fire and brimstone awaits those that take part in this devilish pleasure. The fact of the matter is, if you wanted to gamble, then you probably have done so already by now.

So, seeing as you are doing it or going to be doing it, let’s give you some clear facts about what it is you are actually doing. Our article discusses the most popular of online casino games, the video slot machine.

Building the perfect failure or success

Online slot games are no different to those cabinet games you play down the pub or in amusement sites that can be found in motorway services or the arcades by the waterfront. The software or programming comes in two forms with the online casino game. The probability of winning is formed by algorithms, rules on how a machine should function based on human intervention. If you want to find gambling sites online, you type into a search engine ‘casinos’ and it finds you casinos through its algorithmic programming.

However, such is the industry, you are more likely to get results of affiliated sites like because of how the market is these days and how casino sites are reviewed by independent and paid partners. You may have perhaps played slots before inside the many attractions around Paisley and Scotland and though you may think online slots are different, they really are not.

So, the same principle applies, you want a slot machine to spin and produce ‘random chance’ this is the slot’s algorithmat work at the results are favourable to some and a major disappointment to others. However, all is not lost. When it comes to gambling online in any sense, persistence and patience is key and those that quit too soon are those that will miss out on what are the laws of gambling, the Return to Player.

The Return to Player

The Return to Player (RTP) is one of the names of the slot’s algorithm. You also have the Random Number Generator or RNG. The RTP calculates what percentage of payment the game collects goes to the casino, and what percentage gets paid back out to those playing it.

The RTP score is something that can be found within the game’s details. Typically, a score ranges between 94% to 97%. This score being the percentage paid back to players, whilst the remaining goes to the casino.

Looking at a game simplistically, if you were to play an online slot that holds an RTP score of 96%, then if you were to deposit £100, you stand to make back £96.00 on winnings. Those lucky enough to land the big wins will find they exceed the RTP and leave with a profit. However, this is only part of the truth and the problem.

The RTP and any other algorithm used works in conjunction with the casino’s management tool.

In short, the management tool is found inside every online casino and is the brain of storage. It knows you and your betting habits better than you. It logs your spending, what you win and lose, it knows your favourite games and how long you play for and knows when you averagely log in and out of your account to help build a brilliantly accurate profile of you. It is also linked to the game’s algorithms. Why? So, it knows when to let you win and when you should lose.

Don’t be too shocked by the revelation, beginners luck exists in the online world because the profile of you as a player is not yet full enough to manipulate the game’s outcome or how the algorithm will act.

We can make this simpler for you to understand.

If you spend £100 playing and not win, most players walk away and quit gambling, the house wins, and you can now reserve your seat in hell. But the RTP is still active, you may have to play £500 to see a return, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, it will payout to the RTP score and because of your profile and stored data, it will be at the percentage you have always put into the one game. This lack of knowledge is why so many people quit or find themselves with a zero balance.

The algorithms are sound, and they are also approved by the industry regulators. In short, do not give up until your RTP comes in.

The Random Number Generator

This the alternative algorithm to the RTP used by software developers such as Real Time Gaming and Microgaming. The premise of this algorithm is to recreate random selection. It will use a 30-billion numerical system to pick when wins drop into the game. RNG is independently tested and certified by third party certified companies and is a requirement for online casinos to obtain their operating license. Think of each reel on the slot being allocated a number and the game is one big safe, each spin shuffles the numbers to try and crack the safe. If you get 3 right, a bit of the safe opens and you win. 4 numbers, and you win a bit more. If, however, 5 of the 5 reels come in, safe cracked.

It is deemed to be the fairest form of programming of a game because it doesn’t take the money you put into the game intothe equation. The RTP can be seen to benefit high rollers more because they can take the losses. The RNG slots are random to all playing it.

Will you be a winner or loser?

If you are a persistent player, you will see the benefits and overtime, you will be down, but you will also be up but not every fully above the stakes total you make, unless you are incredibly lucky. But it is all about the slots you play. The best games are the popular ones. The more money going into popular RTP games, the more frequent they will payout. If you are the only person on the planet playing an old slot, it’sgoing to take a while for it to take pity on you and return anything resembling a good win.

Gambling is a pain in the backside, you just have to not kick yourself too hard when it fails. Play within your limits, remember the house always remains in profit, and that research will favour you more than those playing blindly. You must study software developers, what games are popular, you must look for the patterns in wins and losses and how the slot is functioning. The signs are there to assist you so pay attention.