8 Fun Things to Do with The Kids at Home

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Keeping the whole family entertained can often feel like a challenge, especially with longer and colder nights with more time spent inside. However, it doesnt have to be a source of stress, with these eight great ideas of how you can best spend time with the kids at home.

1. Do Some Baking

Not only will this mean you have some tasty treats to all enjoy, but itll help your kids learn responsibility in the kitchen, too. You can step it up a notch by having them help with main meal cooking as well if they enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

2. Make Some New Home Furnishings

Every home needs additional cosy furnishings, and handmade ones can add that personal touch. Youcould try crafting with the kids or try canvas and fabric painting to make some unique sofa cushions or personalised cushions for the kids beds.

3. Try Some Painting

Painting is always a great pastime for the whole family to get in touch with your creative side, and great if you have some wall space to fill for some homemade designs. Or think about using chalkboard paint for a wall in your home so the kids can have freedom doodling in a bigger area.

4. Invest in Some New Games

Try to think of those that the whole family can enjoy and which help younger children to escape a screen. Fun ideas include tabletop football games like from Home Leisure Direct, which has a range of table football options and other games at homeleisuredirect.com, or even classic board games where the whole family can join in.

If your family is a fan of video games, too, think about multiplayer games, you can all play together.

5. Get Gardening

Although the colder months arent the best time to start a gardening journey, that doesnt mean you still cant have fun in the garden with the kids. There are a lot of plants which thrive in colder conditions and those which are made for winter. You may also still be able to plant things like vegetables, herbs or plants, or try caring for indoor plants to watch them grow and have your hard work pay off.

6. Build a Fort

If you cant go camping any time soon or if youre missing a family vacation, make your own adventure at home. Have the kids help you with sheets, cushions, boxes and whatever else you need to make the perfect fort in your home. Spend time in it telling stories or eating the sweet treats you whipped up earlier with the kids.

7. Plan an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Think creatively about your clues and where to hide them! Keep the kids entertained and distractedfor hours, depending on how detailed you want to go with your treasure hunt. Have fun thinking about the prize.

8. Make Some Home Improvements

It may not sound like the most fun thing to do, but if it needs doing, why not make it a familyoccasion? If theres decorating youve meant to do, have the kids’ pitch in, or have the whole family have a declutter and sort out their own rooms.

These are just eight great ideas to get you started, and you can see what you and your family think of to do next along the way.