The Key Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike

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If you want to join the country’s cycling community, there are many different aspects you have to consider. The most important is the type of bike you want to use. You ultimately want a bike that offers not only the right level of performance but also the comfort that ensures long-distance rides are not unnecessarily painful. With these points in mind, it’s easy to understand why electric bikes are continuing to grow in popularity.

Growing in popularity

As technology becomes more advanced and a growing number of manufacturers are creating electric bikes, they’re becoming more available for all budgets and situations. Mens electric bikes, women’s electric bikes, budget-friendly options, and luxurious picks – there’s something for everyone.

If you’re still not convinced, however, here are the key reasons to purchase an electric bike.

Go faster, further, and longer

It goes without saying, but an electric bicycle supplies many of the same advantages possessed by a regular bike. Yet due to the added oomph they deliver, an electric version allows you to travel further distances and for longer.

An electric bike also ensures you travel faster than the average cyclist. Plus, if you’re travelling around a major city – aka London – you could even get around quicker than the cars on the road!

Enhance your fitness

If you don’t already cycle as part of your lifestyle, prepare for a massive overhaul to your fitness and health. If you keep up a regular routine of hopping on your bike, it will enhance your lungs, blood pressure, heart, and so much more.

Plus, electric bicycles are a great introduction for those who enjoy the thought of riding a bike but feel it’s not feasible due to their current fitness levels or because of their age or ailments.

Cheaper than commuting in a car

Yes, the standard electric bicycle is going to be more expensive than its standard counterpart. However, these electric bikes are still relatively affordable, particularly when compared to other modes of transport, such as a car.

Not only are they typically cheaper to purchase outright, but electric bikes are also much friendlier on your bank balance in terms of ongoing costs. Cars involve petrol/diesel, insurance, MOT tests, etc. An electric bike, on the other hand, involves the need to occasionally replace consumable parts like chains and tyres. As for recharging the battery for your bike, it’ll hardly show up on your electricity bill.

In the long-term, using an electric bike will also be more affordable – and enjoyable – than using public transport.

Safer than a standard bike

Most on the road bike accidents happen at junctions. This is regularly down to those vital few seconds needed for a cyclist to halt their bike at a crossroad or roundabout. Yet when you have a small motor helping you out, an electric bike ensures you can accelerate out of danger faster.

Due to this acceleration power, you also feel less inclined to jump red lights or maintain your speed around bends and corners. The result? A safer ride than using a regular bike.