What Are the Most Popular Strains of Cannabis?

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Cannabis comes in different varieties. Each strain provides a unique user experience. Consequently, cannabis lovers often want to know the best and most popular cannabis strains that guarantee them the maximum benefits. However, it turns out that it’s actually quite hard to pinpoint just one strain as the best weed among the rest.

It all depends on each user to make their judgment. After all, one particular strain that delights you may just be a bad experience for someone else. For example, one cannabis strain could make you feel sleepy while that same strain can also energize the feelings of another consumer. With that being said, based on general statistics and demand, some cannabis strains really stand out among the lengthy lists of cannabis varieties. Here is a list of the top most popular cannabis strains.  Click to find more on Cannaflower website.

Pineapple Express

The cannabis industry discovered Pineapple Express out of its own culture. Some people believe that its discovery has been linked to a movie. There are many cannabis varieties with distinct genetics all being marketed as Pineapple Express. For example, G13 Labs famously crossed the Hawaiian and Trainwreck cannabis strains to make a cannabis cultivar. These came with citrus and tropical flavors. While some may get you high, others will only make you feel stoned and satisfied.


Well, forget about the AK-47 assault rifle we all know. This name also refers to a highly popular cannabis strain. Even though the AK 47 cannabis brand is very popular, only a few people know much about it. These strains have dense buds and numerous orange hairs. One interesting fact about this cannabis strain is that its lineage has been thought to share a close relationship with Colombian and Thai genetics. No matter where it’s sourced from, the AK 47 strain will always maintain its high status. The variety is strong, lasts long, and stimulates the minds of users. 


Blue Dream

This is one of the most world-acclaimed single cannabis strains that beats all imagination. Blue Dream contains a lot of power and it’s real. Having said that, Blue Dream is often seen as a cannabis strain that originated from Haze and Blueberry, and fans of Blue Dream cherish it for its sweet flavors. This is a product that boosts the mood of consumers and makes them feel good about the whole thing. In the mainstream cannabis world, Blue Dream’s mood-boosting and head-spinning effects have gained great attention.


Believe it or not, a few years ago, the Gelato cannabis strain came from nowhere to conquer everywhere. In particular, people from California have fallen deeply in love with Gelato. It’s one of the most frequently viewed weed strains on the internet. Taking its name from the popular Gelato dessert, you can’t miss the millions of flavors buried inside this popular cannabis strain. Cultivars of this strain can be described as grapey, earthy, grassy, sweet, and berry.

However, no matter the smell, you can rest assured that the potent effects are still alive and kicking. Some classes of consumers prefer to save their Gelato for specific times of the day such as in the evening so that it will stone them to their seats.

OG Kush

This is a world-acclaimed cannabis strain that traces its roots to Florida and also California. OG Kush was popularized in places like Los Angeles. The strain packs a great complexity in its make-up and you find all sorts of aromas such as sour and citrus. The flavors in this cannabis strain are linked with the presence of terpenes such as myrcene and caryophyllene. Aside from the huge popularity surrounding its flavors, OG Kush is also well-known for the effects that it has on its users.

If you want an original and potent weed that gives long-lasting feelings, your best bet may be OG. It makes you feel super stoned without completely tying you down to your couch. All the existing cannabis strains you can think of today share a connection with OG Kush. Examples of strains that trace their origin to OG Kush are Kosher Kush and FVF OG. 


Green Crack

Undoubtedly, Green Crack is a top cannabis brand in the market, and many users tout it as a game-changer. For the most part, experienced users recommend that Green Crack is most suitable for daytime consumption due to its so-called cerebral effects. You can’t escape its high impact if you use it. Green Crack has beautiful buds that are green and deliver citrus and sour flavors.

Purple Haze

This cannabis strain is very popular to the extent that even non-consumers know its name. Given its richness, Purple Haze deserves the celebration that it enjoys in the cannabis world. It has greatly influenced the weed culture of the cannabis industry. The high effects are very potent and it also makes its users feel relaxed.



If you are a weed lover who wants to use or grow cannabis, having the right knowledge of the best and most popular cannabis strains may be of interest to you. In summary, the best cannabis varieties have a range of flavors to please the different tastes of different consumers. So, choose your cannabis according to your own needs and tastes.