5 Ways Your E-commerce Website Can Stand out from the Crowd

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Are you planning a new e-commerce website but are unsure of where to start? E-commerce is generally a very competitive field, and if you do not approach your new project with care, you may face the prospect of failure. One way to set your project on track from day one is to learn what the top five tactics are.

1. Loading Speed Optimisation

Before a single prospect lands on your website, there is one thing that could very easily send them clicking away, and that is slow load time. E-commerce websites, in particular, tend to be content-heavy, and therefore load relatively slowly. That is unless you understand the fundamentals of speed optimization as a Magento developer London company would. The combination of using Magneto and a company that understands how to help your users navigate your pages in the fastest possible times will set you up for success. 

2. Catchy Design

Studies have shown that the modern consumer has an extremely short attention span – you have less than eight seconds to grab their attention and impress them. However, what makes a good design? You might be surprised to learn that despite design primarily being an art, there is a science to all its different bits and pieces. A bit of creativity is always a good thing, but design is something you do not want to take chances with, as it will be a major contributor to the first—and lasting— impression your prospects will form about your online store.

3. Brand Development

Did you know that often buying decisions are influenced by branding? Therefore, you need to leverage this to increase your e-commerce sales by creating a strong brand for your e-commerce store. 

When it comes to online marketing, one of the best ways to develop a strong brand is through consistent and effective content marketing. Primarily, this means creating content that appeals to your users’ interests. 

4. Social Proof

It has long been proven that peer pressure can be a strong factor in the buying decision-making process. In marketing terms, this type of peer pressure is known as social proof. To leverage this, you can ask your customers to share pictures of themselves using your products as part of a contest, or otherwise, find some creative way to generate social proof. 

5. Promotion of a Charitable Initiative

Is there a charitable cause you are genuinely passionate about? One way to secure widespread buy-in to your brand is to show that you practice responsible entrepreneurship by giving back to society. An easy way to do this is to pledge to give a certain percentage of profit on each sale to a charitable cause. Display this on your website to promote the cause you are passionate about as a way to show your customers you care about giving back. 

Next Steps

A recommended next step will be to speak with a developer, who will walk you through all the steps involved in taking an e-commerce website from concept to reality. If you get it right, the rewards will be worth the investment!