How to create a photo collage?

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Content is an inherent part of each project. In this article, you could find some tips on how to create a photo collage and what is the best place to use it.

Content is an inherent part of each project. Content has a significant impact on your customers or users. The decision shall be taken in a positive way when you have high-quality content on your website/web app/mobile app/social network page.

Users or customers make the first decision, what action they would like to do in accordance with the content. Thirty-seven percent of users could close the website if there is low-quality content on it.

If you have an idea in your mind and would like to create a collage for your project, you should consider its realization. Usually, the website design agency London takes care of such requests. Usually, collage could combine not only the photos or pictures, the typographic elements could be also used, at this case the right contractor could create the collage based on your style or brand book.

If you work with the local or international business, your contractor for such a task should have expertise with both types of users that could collaborate with your business in your country and from other parts of our planet.

What is the best place to use photo collage

Landing/Welcome/Home page of your website

If you have collage at 2 or 3 sections of your website – the user will willingly click on the usual button or call-to-action buttons on this section.

Onboarding Screen for the App

If you have the collage on the onboarding screen of your app, with the main content of it, you will give the awareness about your mobile application at the first step.

Marketing materials or post on Social Network

If you would like to create a multifunctional post – the collage is the best way to show it.

Collage could be used for covering absolutely different business goals:

  • if you would like to show the flow of something or give the instruction to your user or client – collage is the best way for it;
  • if you would like to create “Before and After” post – collage could help you;
  • if you would like to show the advantages but could do it at one photo, the collage would give the better way to do this;
  • if you would like to do promo materials for a marketing campaign – at the collage, the absolutely different types of content could be combined.

6 tips for collage creation

1.    Use high-quality content


If you have only five photos in high quality, use only it, in a different combination or with any other elements. Always remember that your collage could be open in absolutely different devices and, for example, on Retina displays, users could see all drawbacks.

2.    Think about the responsive version

If collage should work on the couple devices, the best decision for it is to create a responsive design that will also work on the web version, mobile or tablet app.

3.    Collage should complement the interface

If you would like to combine the new collage with the existing design – choose the right layout and style that won’t confuse and distract the user.

4.    Typography is the best way to combine all elements in the collage

For example, have a look at the Swedish typography. You could also use the font from your existing projects at your collage, to keep it in one style.

5.    For the marketing campaigns, you could use the animated elements on collages

It helps to attract user attention and increase conversion. Collage could help to combine several completely various elements in one place. And you can use one marketing material in several campaigns.

6.    “White space” and hierarchy should also be used in collage

If you would like to combine a couple of different elements at your collage, always remember about “white space” and hierarchy of elements – collage should be easy to read, and the hierarchy helps the user to pay attention to the main component of the collage.

To sum up

Collage is the unappreciated tool that could be used to cover a couple of business goals. The collage usually combines two, three, or four secondary elements and could have one or two of main on it. At the same time, this is the simplest way to merge the content that has already used to the absolutely new one. Right contractor could create such type of content like college and will save your money, time, and resources, so if you like to create.