Headphone Myths- All You Should Know About Headphones

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Have you heard some negative things about headphones? Many people think that headphones give more bad effects on health rather than the positives.  Despite their enormous penetration, and track record, people are still confused about it and question the dangers they might bring. 

The upside is that you can get a high-quality sound in an affordable and little package that is hard to beat and is difficult to get any other way. Many people don’t pay attention to the headphone effects. They continuously use it for the better sound and audio, with time they will get unusual effects on their health. So, among all those myths, theories and talk – what are the facts we should consider and take notice of? Is the answer so black and white and can we clearly state if headphones are bad for you or not? Let’s try to debunk some common myths.

5 Myths About Headphones

  1. Best Bass Headphone Has Big Bass

This is the common myth that many users like the big bass headphone. They have the mind that the brand which is producing the big bass will be the best one rather than the simple bass. You do not need to think like this. Every music demands different bass ranges. So, I prefer the medium bass for regular use. At the same time, keep in mind the big bass is used for a house, music, and hip hop music that depends upon the bass.

  1. Headphone Damages Hearing

The use of headphones is not bad for you, but an excess of everything will show many negative and long term health effects. The headphone has different ranges of volume. When the volume is exceeding from the limits, then it is dangerous for the ear.  When we are using the headphones, vibration will go into the bones of the inner ear. The louder the sound, the greater the vibration will impact on the ear health.  So, this myth is true to some extent. No need to increase the volume of headphones to lower the ear damage.

  1. More Expensive Headphone Sound long-lasting and Better

No doubt, you do not need to compromise on the product quality. The myth about headphones is that the more expensive gives long-lasting and better sound rather than the cheaper headphones.  The annual survey proves that paying a high amount does not give the guarantee of long term work.  So, you do not need to pay high and less for this device. Always choose the reviews based headphones with the best price.

  1. Every headphone for every ear

This is a wrong concept as we know that ear size and shape is vary of every individual. Sometimes a good design headphone is not good according to your ear, and traditional design is easily fitted.  It is impossible to fit the headphone with your ear size. If your headphone is not according to the ear size and the shape, you will never get the high-quality sound.  So, no relies on every headphone for everyone. You will easily get the headphone according to your ear size as well.

  1. Loud sound damages the headphone

This is the loud sound myth that is linked to damage the headphones. This is the false concept the product will not give you high volume from some limits.  So you do not need to think loud sound will damage the headphone quality as well.  Just choose the optimum electrical signal that is best for the headphone and body organs at the time.

Noise Cancelling Will remove all Noise

There are many Noise-canceling headphones present in the market. But you do not need to think like this headphone will remove all the Noise. This is the most known myth about the headphone as well.  The headphone noise-canceling feature will help you eliminate the Noise of wind, air, and the road. This noise cancellation option is unable for the high frequency and strong based Noise.  So, no need to pick the headphone that just offers the Noise-canceling option.  Because it is not for every type of Noise.