It’s frustrating that you have to postpone your wedding plans due to lockdown orders. Mass gatherings aren’t possible, so you have no choice but to call the wedding off for now. The good thing is that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Some countries are already beginning to ease up on the lockdown orders. It’s only a matter of time before you can finally make your dream wedding happen. However, before you get too excited, you need to realise that it can be an even more challenging event to organise. 

You have to consider social distancing 

Gathering in large groups might no longer be a thing in the immediate future. It seems impossible to gather a lot of people in the same indoor venue without the risk of getting infected. You don’t want your family and friends to get the virus because they decided to take part in your wedding. With social distancing, you either have to limit your guests or look for a bigger venue that can accommodate everyone. Outdoor wedding venues are also an option since the risk of catching the virus is lower with outdoor activities.

The options will decrease

It’s also terrible to know that several businesses ended up closing because they no longer have customers. Even businesses that didn’t get shut down as part of the closure orders have no means of moving forward with the business. It means that your suppliers are limited. You don’t have the same choices as you did before. You have no choice but to select from the available suppliers even if they don’t match all your expectations. 

Despite the limited choices, you shouldn’t settle for a terrible wedding venue. Look for quality options since there are still plenty of places to choose from. You can consider the choices offered by You will love the wedding venues available for you. 

Not all your guests will come 

It seems like there’s still a risk of getting infected due to the rising cases around the world. Going outdoors and attending an event involving several people could be very risky. If you have elderly loved ones and friends, they might decide not to participate in the wedding. They would rather send a message expressing their warm wishes instead of being physically present at the event.

The mood won’t be so jolly

You know that planning for a wedding could be exhausting. However, you still look forward to the day. You know that you will party with your friends and spouse once the other guests have left. Even the wedding reception can be an opportunity to have fun. The problem is that in a post-COVID-19 world, events might not be so joyful anymore. The mood won’t be the same. You can find a way to still make the wedding a massive celebration by being creative. 

These challenges shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your wedding plans. If anything, you should feel more convinced to do it soon. Everyone will have a unique take on a wedding and go through a different situation. The attendees will most likely feel that the wedding is remarkable.