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The past few weeks have been very difficult and boring due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Many governments have shut down their economy and restricted movements. Several lockdown measures were put in place including the stay at home, social distancing, regular hand washing exercise and so on. The gambling industry was not spared during this period as many players were stuck at home doing nothing. This led the Finnish players to start searching for new and interesting forms of entertainment to reduce their boredom while staying at home. One of these forms is fast casino. Fast casino, or in Finnish “pikakasino,” means that in order for you to play online, you actually don’t need to register and open an account. Finish players can play these fast casinos for essential games. The games are very captivating and will keep you occupied during this trying period of COVID 19 till government eases the lockdown.

Here are some of the exciting slot games that will give Finland players the best gaming moments as well as quality entertainment and awesome gameplay for both the young and old gamers.

Night in the Woods

This exciting slot game puts you in the same situation as Mae, a beautiful young girl in her early twenties who dropped out of school and returned back home to her family. This slot is based on real-life challenges faced by young adults when trying to find their place in life. Night in the Wood is an action-packed slot that makes player see life through the eyes of Mae – the challenges, mental health and confronting mistakes of the girl. With themes which you can relate with and snappy dialogues, Night in the Wood is ultimately evocative and impactful. You will enjoy this engaging game more during boring moments.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is one of the best games of the decade. The game is based on epic role-playing & storytelling, including a magnificent land comprising of exciting characters. You will be immersed in the romance theme and amazing ideas with your decisions affecting the lives of the characters and the world around you.


If you’ve been on the lookout for an exciting team-based shooter game, then here it is. Overwatch is a shooter game that has incorporated many aesthetic parts of the world, including numerous buildings, varieties of characters with different ethnicities and backgrounds. There is also a kind of unique feeling that this game offers which keeps attracting a large number of people to it. Play this game with family and friends to get maximum gaming satisfaction. It is also very easy to play, you just need little time to understand the techniques of the game and develop your own strategy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quite an addictive game and this explains why it is one of the popular online casino games. You will get addicted to playing this game in a matter of hours. This is designed to include so many new inventions, elements and innovations such as terraforming and crafting which add a whole new level to your creativity and gaming experience. It perfectly mixes simulation with the capacity to transform the town to what you want and according to your desires. New Horizons gives players a satisfying respite from the challenges faced during the coronavirus crisis faced by the world in the past few days.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Have you ever imagined or thought of the possibility of having machinery replace the organic ecosystem of the world, just like a post-apocalyptic planet? How will humans cope? Will humans be able to survive? This reality is explored in Horizon Zero Dawn where you will come across wildlife dominated by robots (dinosaurs) and thrown into this mix are the humans, who must live side by side the robotic dinosaurs. With rich role-playing mechanics, excellent lore, beautiful landscapes and polished combat, Horizon Zero Dawn provides you with so much fun, even more than you could ever imagine.


Fortnite is a shooter game that gives lots of excitements to players. This game is introduced by an excellent soundtrack that gives you a preamble of what you should expect from the game. Its graphics are topnotch, giving you all the features of a perfect long-range shooter game. Try out this game to improve your sniping skills, and making some money in the process.


Feel some rush of blood with the sound of war. Pump up your muscles and clean your weapons with this amazing game. Warframe was launched in 2013 as a PlayStation 4 title and has since gone on to become one of the most sought after slot game. Warframe is a shooter game that will keep you occupied for long hours unending.

Hitman 2

Are you tired of living in your own space and on your own for far too long? Then you should venture into the large hunting scenes of the Hitman. You must be tactically intelligent to play this game. This is because you must take tactical notice of your surroundings, environment, the people and their winning strategies. Although this game does not have many levels, each level it has is such an expansive one. Each level will keep you occupied for longer than you can imagine.

Yakuza O

This game has one of the best storylines and themes. All you need is to have a lucid understanding of the subtitles of the game and you will come across a small town that is filled with criminal activities with huge personal stakes to settle. Yakuza O is a Japanese RPG that provides players with over 120 hours of non-stop excitement.


What more can we say about this beautiful slot game, other than the fact that you will enjoy every moment you expend in playing this game. Minecraft offers players with so many creative options. You will also enjoy the rigorous tasks and exhilarating adventures thrown to you by the game. If you haven’t played or come across this game before, then it means that you are either a novice in gambling or that your teeth are not yet cut for slot games. This game eliminates any boredom you might be having during this period.