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Things are extremely difficult at the moment for all concerned. It is times likes these when the whole community needs to come together for the greater good. We need to reach out and support each other. With lockdown in force and there being no end to it in sight, people are looking for solace and comfort wherever they can find it. Though we cannot physically be there for people at this moment, it is still possible for us to keep in touch with one another by means of all the different forms of technology. While none of these compare to the real thing, they offer some respite to many. Their usefulness and importance is becoming more evident than ever as we are forced to cut down on all kinds of social contact in person for the time being.

How technology is affecting the community at this moment.

 Having a strong sense of community is essential. It helps us feel like a part of something and, especially in times like these, reassures us that we are not alone. When the physical aspect of being a community is taken away from us, we need to preserve the sense of community as best we can. This is where technology can play a key role. A combination of devices, such as tablets and smartphones, and the Internet and an array of programmes is what is keeping many people going at the moment. However, the benefits of one particular part of the Internet should not be underestimated. Social media is a realm for everyone to come together and keep in touch. It is also a place where people can become leaders through the popularity of their profiles and the option to buy Instagram followers and likes is one that will help their impact grow.

How can social media help?

 A big clue is in the word “social”. While social media nowadays may be commonly associated with influencers and celebrities, there are still plenty of people who use it for its original purpose; to keep track of the lives of their friends and family. With the whole world living through this current pandemic, all of us are going to be separated from our family for the forseeable future. Now, more than ever, social media can be used to make sure you are not missing out on the goings-on in the lives of your friends and family. Social media can also be used to share thoughts of the common experiences we are all having at this time. People posting status updates or pictures of what they are going through at the moment are quickly responded to with messages of support and encouragement, given that they are describing feelings or moments that all of us are experiencing.

You can provide support

 If you want to participate and help raise the spirits of those who are struggling to cope due to the lack of physical interaction with their community then now is the time to get involved. Most of us are at home and thinking of what to do to keep ourselves busy as we likely have more free time than we normally do. So why not throw your hands to the pump and be a part of something positive? Get on social media and share uplifting stories or positive thoughts that will help those of us out there who are more vulnerable. The community needs any help it can get. People need to see heart-warming and encouraging content that will take their minds off what’s going on in the world. In addition to this, now is the time to make a name for yourself as a positive influence in the community.

How to draw attention to your cause

 It is a noble cause and you deserve to have people getting behind you and supporting you. However, this takes time and patience. To get your message out there, you will need to work on being able to attract attention your way in the first place. There are two features on social media that can help you highlight exactly what it is you are trying to say and who you want to say it to. The first of these, which is more straightforward and easier to use, is the location feature. This feature allows the social media user in question to add a location to their content. This then aims the post at people based in that particular location. For example, any content you post to social media, if it has a specifically local relevance, can add Paisley, Renfrewshire as the location. This will make it easier for other local residents to be informed of it. In addition to using the location feature, social media also uses hashtags to highlight the specific topics that your content wishes to address. These hashtags help to categorise the content. Combined with the location, this will make it easier for local residents searching for similar content to come across your contribution.

Getting your name out there

 Of course, in order for you to make an impact and become visible to the wider online community, you will need to get a large number of people supporting your profile. In social media terms, these people and the way they interact with your profile are known as engagement. This refers to the views, likes and comments they make on your profile and its content, as well as the number of followers you have overall. The more of each, the better as it allows you to get your message to a wider audience.