6 Web Design Tips for Beginners

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So, you have just completed your web design training and going to start your new website. During your training, you may have learnt everything you need to design a website. But there are lots of things that you can learn only from experience. Sages Marketing is the best for web design vaughan because they are providing long term services to customers. Customers get the expected design  with the unique  and targeted design that reaches the customers demand. They have huge experts for creating such  unique and attractive designs.

Most of the beginners do not know where to start. You will have an idea about the information you want to share, but how you can lay it out? In this article, we will share some simple web design tips for beginners.


You may have seen a lot of websites that have crazy page transitions. You will want that too on your website.

It seems nice, but remember that the primary purpose of the website is to present the content. These kinds of crazy transitions will distract the visitor from the main content. So, instead of using any fancy things, try to make a simple design that can present your content efficiently. Also, keep the website updated with fresh content.

Update Your Website

Updating is part of every website and software. To boost your rankings in the Google or any other search engine, you need to update the content regularly. Try to optimize your web pages according to the requirements of search engines to achieve higher rankings. So, keep these things in mind while designing a website. The design should be simple enough for a content creator to update and post new content.

Relevant Content

Most of the beginners think that content and web design are two different things. But in fact, the content is what moulds the design. There is no purpose in designing a website without content. The purpose of creating a website is to provide content. So, make sure that your design is relevant to the content. Another essential thing is the position of the material.


Another important thing is to have a professional-looking website. There is no reason to use a design like old websites. If your design is not updated, then visitors are not going to take it seriously. It does not mean that it should be complicated. So, the web design should look professional.


Another thing that most beginners ignore is page speed. Your website should load fast as it helps in boosting search engine rankings. It can also improve conversion and bounce rates. If a web page is taking too much time to load, then the visitor will hit back. Most of the people are in a hurry and do not want to wait for long.

To improve the page load time, you can start by compressing the images to reduce their size. If you have too many photos on a web page, then it can also affect the page speed. Furthermore, focus on minimizing CSS and JS.

Keep Learning

After completing your course, the process of learning starts. You need to keep in mind that the industry moves fast. So, you need to keep learning. Otherwise you will

Lastly, if you are still not sure of doing it yourself, you can always seek professional help by finding a web design Stockport company. A simple Google search will lead you to several companies. Make sure you do your due diligence before giving your money to someone.