How to Build a Positive Landlord-Tenant Relationship

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It is up to the tenant to make the best possible first impression if you are to select them to occupy your property. However, as soon as you choose your winning candidate, the relationship officially becomes a two-way street. If you, as the landlord, don’t put a certain amount of effort into maintaining a positive relationship with your tenant, you could run into various problems and challenges along the way. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why is a positive landlord-tenant relationship necessary? 

If your tenant has an issue with you, they are likely to go out of their way to make your life difficult. They may complain to you about minor aspects of the property that ordinarily wouldn’t be considered a concern, or they may insist that you perform routine maintenance sooner than required. They might even begin making late payments or taking advantage of the finer details in your rental agreement in an effort to swindle you out of money. In these instances, it can be extremely beneficial to get in touch with letting agents specialising in rental collection Derby as they will be able to expertly advise you on the best solution. 

Communicate regularly and openly 

Be a model landlord by making yourself available to your tenants should they ever have any questions or worries while they are living on your property. A landlord who actually cares about whether or not they are comfortable and happy is sure to be met with a friendlier disposition than one who intentionally demonstrates indifference. Consider giving them a call on a monthly basis just to check in and offer your assistance, or pop round for a cup of tea and an inspection from time to time. 

Take care of your property 

Don’t wait until certain aspects of the home are falling apart before you do anything to fix them. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property remains in good condition for the duration of your tenant’s lease. Show them that you take this responsibility seriously and that you truly care about their safety and comfort. Set up a maintenance schedule and send it through to them so that they know what to expect and when. If anything requires repairs in between, take action as soon as your tenants notify you of the problem. 

Always be professional 

When you are a landlord, you are essentially providing people with a service. Try to view your role in this light when it comes to any and all dealings with your tenants. For example, if they get in touch with you about an issue on the property via email, be sure to send through a prompt response. Then keep them up to date with the proceedings in terms of getting the issue resolved. Always speak to them courteously and with respect, being careful to omit any emotions from your conversations. 

Keep all of these tips in mind, and you are certain to build a positive relationship with your tenants that will benefit the both of you for a long time to come.