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Within the offer linked to online games, one above all has conquered the general public, during these last times, taking advantage of a change of guard that has made poker less attractive, for all those users who prefer the game size in smartphone version.

casino smarthphone

This game that is climbing the popularity rankings, from Europe to the United States to also enter the Asian market, with Japanese data in evidence, is blackjack. Although from a legal point of view this card game falls into the category of luck games in online casino NetBet and not of skill games, it is equally interesting to note that the strategic level needed to play well at blackjack greatly exceeds that necessary to play slot machines, in which the whole game process is automated. Having said that we can say with certainty that blackjack is halfway between a game of skill and a game of luck as the distribution of the cards is a totally random fact while the decision to stop or ask for other cards is a prerogative of the player, and in this decision the strategic part of the game is all contained.

Blackjack: strategy and memory, are useful for winning

A game of skill like poker and baccarat, whose simple yet so peculiar rules, give the size and stylistic figure of this game which is commonly called 21 both in terms of live casino, and as regards the patrons of the its offer and proposal online.

Assuming that it is not easy to interpret and talk about an adequate and 100% winning game strategy, we are going to discover some tricks related to the game of blackjack, which will affect both novices and more experienced players who want to know new tricks and effective game strategies.

What is a deuces in blackjack

Let’s take one of the aspects that can determine a hand of blackjack, which in technical jargon is called deuces, a true saying of the game of 21, which entered for obvious reasons into the collective imagination. As you well know, the possibility of having a double 2, as an initial hand is certainly not congenial, in a game where the two cards that have the greatest value are precisely the 10 and the ace, which together can form the optimal and winning combination, that is precisely that of 21, the maximum limit in theory impossible to beat, both because of the fact that it is formed simply by two cards, and because there is little chance that in the same hand it will be replicated for two players. Going back to the probability of playing with a pair of 2, there are two possibilities that arise in front of you in the game of blackjack: take a card, a more plausible hypothesis, or divide the game. What does it mean?

How important is the expectation of winning in the game of blackjack

The game is based, as everyone knows, on the expectation of winning, given that already while the player is receiving the cards, there are already different and different options that can be developed and resolved. Now, it depends a lot on the number of decks that are in play, based on this you have to make an obligatory choice: take a card or not, in a six-deck blackjack, there are therefore some variables that we must evaluate to get to the point. If the dealer’s face-up card in the game of blackjack has a limited value from 4 to 7, you will therefore have a number of choices. Although the pair of 2 can theoretically be considered disadvantageous, in the game with the DAS rule, with two or more decks, the player who received the pair of two is favored, compared to the possible combinations of the dealer, as the chances of doubling will increase your bet.


In the game of blackjack it is good to evaluate when is the right time to stay or to ask for another card. It may seem obvious and trivial, but one of the most frequent mistakes of those who play blackjack consists in not understanding when to ask for cards and when not. A bit because with a cold mind, in a game situation played in demo mode, we are all lucid and conscious, on how to play, while in real life the situation becomes more complicated, given that the emotional and psychological factor comes into play, given by the possibility to win or lose real money.