Yacht rental, the ideal option for an island-hopping holiday in the Med



Add a little luxury to your life by spending your next holiday on a yacht rental in the Mediterranean

Island-hopping in the Mediterranean can be luxurious enough. Adding a yacht rental to the equation is downright decadent. It’s definitely something worth exploring though, as there are several options available that will allow you to enjoy this luxury to the fullest without breaking the bank in the process.

Before you head off enjoying the good life, here are a few suggestions that are worth checking out, if you can be bothered to leave your floating slice of heaven that is.

Three perfect options for a yacht rental in the Mediterranean

1. Greece – perhaps it’s the most obvious one the list with its numerous islands and long coastline to explore on a boat. However, the Greek islands still hold enough excitement and diversity to render a visit a must. Aside from the fabulous weather, yacht rental in Greece will take you to places entrenched in history with sites that will leave you feeling humble and breathless, such as the small island of Delos right next to world-famous Mykonos. Sample the delicious local cuisine and spend your days soaking up the sun. Arrange for a visit to Athens and experience the buzz of city life as well.

2. Croatia – Croatia’s idyllic islands such as Hvar or Vis have started to draw a lot of attention, as they represent some of the most exciting and beautiful parts of the country. This small but mighty nation has a lot to offer to lovers of the sea and its wonders, as the waters surrounding the islands are truly spectacular. Opting for a yacht rental in Croatia will allow you the freedom to create you own travel itinerary. There is nothing quite like casting anchor in one of the many free ports and sleep under the stars in stunning Dalmatia or up-and-coming Istria. The Croatian islands are charming and a visit to the mainland is also recommended.  While in the mainland, you can also try luxury villa accommodations like Paula Croatia by Croatia Luxury Rent.

3. Italy – it is always a tough competition between Spain and Italy when it comes to choosing which surrounding islands are more worth a visit. The truth is, there are several spectacular options available. However, Italy perhaps has a slighter edge due to its famous islands, rich in history and culture: Sicily and Sardinia. These amazing locations are made for luxurious holidays and visiting them with your own yacht rental is something you are going to remember for a long time. Prepare to find excitement for all the senses! You should really make a point of not planning a short visit, as there are plenty to keep you occupied.

Island-hopping in the Mediterranean – a holiday of a lifetime

Opting for a yacht rental in the Mediterranean is a wonderful experience, whichever route you decide to take. Greece, Croatia, Italy, it doesn’t really matter, they are all unique and exciting experiences. Find your own dream destination and book your yacht rental today. It will be a once in a lifetime holiday experience.