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Investment in an adjustable bed can only help you get comfortable with a restful sleep if you have trouble snoozing. Split King Adjustable Beds are no longer only used for sick or injured people in the house. Many popular mattresses also sale their adjustable foundation!

The flexible beds are usually associated with an engine base that can travel up the head and base of the bed in different positions. Flexible mattresses, which change firmness with buildings such as air chambers or replaceable fountains, are great if you want to change levels of comfort instead of bed location. 

Testing beds of all kinds, such as mattresses, toppers, sheets, pillows, etc., by the Good Housekeepers Institute Textiles Lab. The high-quality mattress brands are the adjusting beds ahead, with unique features of excellent value and great reviews made online by real users. But first, the thing should be taken into account when shopping for a mattress and adjustable beds.

Can I use an adjustable bed with a regular mattress?

There are many brands that sell the mattress and base which is your best bet if they are compatible. It is best to test with the flexible frame model before ordering if you intend on using a different color mattress. 

Some people have constraints on which mattress to use, so it saves you from headache if you confirm it in advance. And to get the advantages of adjustable mattresses with different strength ranges, you don’t need a special base.

How to choose a bed to adjust?

Take into account your budget, the features without which you can live. You may want to purchase an adjustable color mattress, or an adjustable base to change the position of your head and feet if you just want to adapt your comfort level. 

You can take advantage of a complete sleep system with an adjustable base and an adjustable column if you’re looking to invest in a completely new bed.

Split King Adjustable Beds can be controlled by a remote or even your smartphone, which has features like sleep tracking, massage, or when you wake up automatically, with your head lifting. 

The elevation of the head not only helps you or your partner to adapt to your sleep position for personalized comfort but also if you or your partner snore or even raise your head to read or watch TV. Moreover, you can get into the “zero gravitational” position the brands call, which means you feel weightless because both your head and legs are high and your comfort in a recliner in your bed lies high.

Would it be worth adjusting beds? 

This is an issue of personal choice but people who are using adjustable beds are much satisfied with it. That said, they’re not available cheap: anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars Split King Adjustable Beds can cost. 

If you are willing to sprinkle on an advanced mattress that contains a smart technology adjustable foundation, it could cost you well over $3,000 but a simple yet high-quality adjustable base can be found which lifts your head and feet for less than $1,000.

Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

This versatile coat has been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal along with seven smart colors of the sleep number and is a leading performer in our study of the Textiles Lab. The mattress is filled with adjustable air chambers, particularly for couples (especially those who disagree on firmness), so that every side of the bed can be adjusted to any degree of firmness you choose. 

Furthermore, the biometric sensors are on the mattress, so the mattress can automatically change if you have shifted positions so you can stay in your preferred position all night long.

This is a pricey mattress but comes with a 100 night test period, and the users provided high levels of comfort, support and sleep quality when testing it and looking at our panel. 

If you’re choosing one of the three matching foundations, you’ll get more features; they all have head lifting capability and low lighting if you get up in darkness, but the quality models come with power and heat. If you’ve had the same features, then I’ve had the chance to buy this brand faster than you want to do.

Saatva Solaire Mattress

Saatva is perfect for those who hate mattress shopping in stores. The online service provides you with affordable pricing and free delivery of white-glove so that a team can set the mattress up and remove your old mattress if you want to get away from it. It also provides a 120-day trial to ensure that you love it.

This model has built-in air chambers with 50 different firmness levels over a distance. It also features certified memory foam and certified layers of organic CertiPUR-US cotton (i.e. free of dangerous chemicals) to make your mattress comfortable and safe. It also has pillow tops made from organic cotton.

The Lineal Dynamic Foundation offers the added advantages of head and feet lifting, bottom lights, wall-assembly and body massage. This base is also suitable for traditional Saatva mattresses.

Legget & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Base 

When you already have a mattress which can be adjusted for your favorite use this mattress from Leggett and Platt works on most mattresses. This mattress can be adjusted to the top of the list if you have a mattress that you like.

It is supported with a remote device an Apple or Android app can also monitor the platform. You can use the device to calm down, set an alarm to wake you up quietly, and monitor the lights below the bunk.

Things can be changed so that you can adjust the bed height to ensure that you do not leave the nightstand when your head is lifted. Wallhugger engineering is used in this. You can also charge your phone, tablet or device into your house with 8 different USB ports.